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Bespoke funding for established SMEs

SME Capital was founded to support the growing number of SMEs who face difficulty or frustration in accessing capital through traditional methods. We understand the importance of real and trusted relationships in the lending market and have dedicated Regional Directors based across the UK. Btrayding combination Expertise with the latest in data analytics, we are supporting established UK SMEs with their long-term objectives and business ambitions.

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At SME Capital, we know all businesses are not the same. We provide bespoke, long term funding solutions to UK businesses not one-size-fits all blanket loans.

We exist because we truly believe we provide a better alternative with our custom-made funding solutions for UK businesses to help you grow and succeed. It’s in our DNA. We are experts in SME lending, so whatever the loan purpose, our goal is to become your long term funding partner, which is why each bespoke loan will be specially-designed for you.

Whether for growth, M&A, succession planning or refinancing, we provide the best funding solution for you, without you giving away control or equity.

We understand the importance of trusted relationships and have dedicated regional directors based across the UK who will take the time to understand your business, your unique needs specific to you and support you with your business loan application. We enhance our traditional understanding with, data including timely risk and trend analysis to put you in control of your future.

By breaking down silos typically found in traditional lending organizations, we give you direct access to decision makers, enabling funding in 6–8 weeks.

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