Penwortham Town Council launch Warm Space directory to combat cost of living crisis

Penwortham Town Council are putting together a Warm Spaces directory of every public venue in the town offering people a warm place to work or socialise.

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Already the council’s own community centre in Priory Lane has been put onto the list, with Town Manager Marie Dardis hopeful of adding pubs, cafes and even hairdressers to the list in the next couple of weeks.

Marie said: “We want to encourage businesses and community places to share their warm spaces.

“As a council we’re very aware of rising bills, and we know that there’s a really good community in Penwortham.”

She added: “It’s really based on respect and dignity. It’s not just for people with a low income, it’s for everyone.

The directory will be out in the next couple of weeks

“People working from home can also feel isolated as well as having to put the heating on all day.

“We want to say, ‘come and use our community facilities and have a chat’.”

Priory Lane Community Centre will be open from 10am to 4pm every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday for people to use as an office, and to get free refreshments.

Marie added: “Come along to charge your phone up, use our facilities, get a hot chocolate, and it’s all free.

“You can donate something if you want to, but you don’t have to.”

Anyone who wishes to be added to the directory or who is able to make a suggestion should contact Marie at [email protected] or call 01772 750533.

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