Earth Day: Research Topics on how we can invest in our planet – Science & research news

Earth Day: Research Topics on how we can invest in our planet – Science & research news


To celebrate Earth Day later this month, we are highlighting the top Research Topics about how we might invest in the planet we live on. Join us by reading up on the incredible findings and solutions made by researchers from across the globe. With more than 1.1 million collective views, scientists explored topics and advanced fields, including sustainable aviation fuels, marine ecosystem restoration, renewable energy solutions, and sustainable urban infrastructure.

Research Topics:

Towards circular economy

8 articles | 56,000 views

Uncovering the complexity of issues and challenges related to environment and energy research in a world of rapid urbanization.

Sustainable aviation fuels

26 articles | 85,000 views

Exploring the state of knowledge on sustainable aviation fuel development, performance, and deployment to inform researchers, industry, and policy makers.

Sustainable energy infrastructure

6 articles | 80,000 views

Focusing on the studies and policy discussions of sustainable and resilient urban energy infrastructures.

Marine ecosystem restoration

22 articles | 352,000 views

Bringing together research contributions to help address this synthesis need, provide a spotlight for recent innovations, enhance our understanding of successful methods in marine ecosystem restoration and promote integration of ecological, sociological and engineering theory into restoration practices.

Sustainable energy production

45 articles | 108,000 views

Advancing knowledge in the fields of export quality (trade perspectives), renewable energy, the environment, and sustainable production through the dissemination of research that promotes holistic sustainability for the greater welfare of humanity

Green technologies for trade and finance

45 articles | 158,000 views

Debating the importance of energy transition, financial and trade globalization, and modern technologies, environmental-related technologies for sustainable development.

Towards sustainable food systems

9 articles | 43,000 views

Discussing what will help to enhance food security, agricultural sustainability, and farmer livelihoods through the land use planning process.

Biostimulants for greener agriculture

76 articles | 197,000 views

Dissecting the agricultural functions and action mechanisms of plant biostimulants under optimal and adverse environmental situations or in optimal growing conditions.

Natural landscape restoration

13 articles | 74,000 views

Conceptualizing the role of natural regeneration practices for restoration and to advance the knowledge on the ecological and socio-economic enabling conditions as well as on how management practices can accelerate the recovery of different functions in different contexts.

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