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The Frontiers Community Summit highlighted the accelerator effect of open science – and the critical need for quality, to ensure society is enabled by science and can take the right decisions.

The summit took place as part of Frontiers Forum Live, an annual event that brings together Frontiers’ editors, other top researchers, innovators, and policy makers in a united mission to accelerate and mobilize open science. This 8th edition took place in Montreux, SW itzerland , from 27-29 April as our first-ever hybrid event.

The event opened with the Community Summit, where Frontiers’ publishing and technology experts provided an update on the global transition to open science – and demonstrated Frontiers’ laser focus on quality across all stages of the publishing process.

Opening access to science is the most affordable, simplest, and fastest way to deliver solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet.

– Kamila Markram, Frontiers Co-founder and CEO

Dialogs and discussions between key stakeholders across science and policy further strengthened actions and collaborations for open science, which will help build a brighter future for everyone, all around the world.

Watch the talks via the links below.

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Why our mission matters: driving the transition to open science

Frontiers Co-founder and CEO Dr. Kamila Markram outlined progress on the global transition to open science – and how this will accelerate solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet.

For scientists, by scientists: how we invest to accelerate open science

Frontiers Chief Executive Editor Dr Fred Fenter compared the cost of publishing open access with traditional subscription models – and explained how Frontiers is working with institutions on simple and transparent partnerships as well as to recognize the work of our editors.

Building impactful journals: the community-led approach to quality

Frontiers Chief Publishing Officer Dr Mirjam Eckert demonstrated how quality at scale is possible, illustrating how this has been achieved through the journeys undertaken by Frontiers’ 194 journals and 1,500 research communities… and counting.

We’re listening: how your feedback powers our innovation

Frontiers Chief Technology Officer Daniel Petrariu explained how we co-create technologies and tools with our editors to safeguard integrity and ensure quality control at every stage of the journal process, from article submission to publication.

Quality by design: upholding your publishing standards

Being an open access publisher means that everything published by Frontiers is out in the open – fully accountable and available for scrutiny by all. Dimitri Christodoulou, Director of Publishing Operationsoutlined Frontiers’ multi-layered, constantly evolving quality control processes and tools for ensuring scientific excellence at scale.

Accelerating transformational science: connecting researchers, policymakers and the public

Dr Laure Sonnier introduced Frontiers in Science – Frontiers’ flagship, multidisciplinary, open access journal, which focuses on transformational science with the potential to accelerate solutions for healthy lives on a healthy planet. Laure is Executive Editor of Frontiers in Science.

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