Drop-in Shooter World Boss Launches Into Early Access

Drop-in Shooter World Boss Launches Into Early Access


After confirming its imminent arrival earlier this month at PAX Aus 2022, new free-to-play, first-person shooter World Boss has arrived today in Early Access on Steam. Developed by PlaySide Studios, World Boss had been previously available to try during its open beta playtest.

World Boss is described as a casual, drop-in shooter with roguelite elements. According to PlaySide World Boss is also inspired by IO games, which is a genre of typically browser-based, free-to-play games loosely defined by their simple graphics and general accessibility.

“With World Boss, we took the quick drop-in and drop-out nature of IO games, the customisation of roguelites, and the strategy and mechanical finesse of a first person shooter, to create a familiar-yet-unique FPS for everyone, ‘ said PlaySide CEO Gerry Sakkas in a statement released alongside the launch.

“One of our goals with World Boss has been to bring our community closer to the development process. Throughout the beta period, we’ve been listening to player feedback and suggestions, and we’ve already rolled out a range of fixes, improvements and optimisations. We’re looking forward to bringing further content to players in the foreseeable future.”

World Boss has been developed in collaboration with Australian YouTube personalities Lannan Eacott (‘LazarBeam’) and Harley Fresh (‘Fresh’).

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