The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022: the list in pictures

The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022: the list in pictures


For its 14th edition, The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022, sponsored by Perrier, left London for Barcelona for the first time in history. The 1-50 ranking was revealed on Tuesday 4th October via livestream on Facebook and YouTube. 

With new entries from across the globe, browse the ranking in photos from No.50 to No.1 to lose yourself in the best drinks the world has to offer

No.50 Bulgari Bar – NEW ENTRY

Located in Dubai’s Bulgari Hotel is the oval-shaped bar helmed by mustachioed bar director Dario Schiavoni. Its menu draws inspiration from flowers and colours, using natural ingredients to create striking, unexpected and delicious drinks.

No.49 Lucy’s Flower Shop
Lucys Flower Shop_INCOPY
Lucy’s Flower Shop is the very definition of Stockholm cool. The muted, velvety decor in purple and red, with its curated deployment of light and shadow and precise movements of its bartenders, are like something out of a 1960s spy novel.

No.48 Bar Benfiddich
Bar Benfiddich_INCOPY
Specialising in creative spins on the classics, Benfiddich has no menu, rather creates each drink bespoke. All include fruit from the owner’s family farm 250km away, with produce delivered daily.

No.47 Employees Only – RE-ENTRY
New York
Employees Only_INCOPY
Each cocktail at the OG EO is a blend of the classics and touches of modernity, alongside a food menu with just as much punch. The bartenders are some of the most skillful in the business.

No.46 L’Antiquario – NEW ENTRY
Guests to L’Antiquario can dive head-first into the classics, or enjoy a journey into the rich history of Naples through its bespoke Capital City menu.

No.45 Galaxy Bar
Galaxy Bar_INCOPY
Galaxy offers a refreshing riposte to other Dubai nightspots, with stellar drinks befitting of the cosmic backdrop. Come for the great cocktails; stay for the outstanding cigar selection.

No.44 Carnaval – RE-ENTRY
First-time visitors should opt for the three-cocktail Carnaval Experience to savour Aaron Díaz’s playful Peruvian twists; a Negroni is bolstered by tropical banana and pineapple, while Boulevardier are supercharged by Iberian Ham.

No.43 Himkok – RE-ENTRY
Himkok established Scandinavian cocktail culture when it opened in 2015. A 1930s aesthetic of dark wood, gilded mirrors and low lighting is paired with signature drinks like the Birch – a Martini-style cocktail served with a blue cheese-stuffed olive.

No.42 CoChinChina – NEW ENTRY
Buenos Aires
It’s signature cocktails first and small plates for sharing second at CoChinChina, Buenos Aires’ most widely anticipated 2021 bar opening and the city’s hottest new venue. It’s a homage to French-Vietnamese drinking and eating culture.

No.41 Cantina OK!
Expect a celebration of all things agave: every bottle tells a story of someone the team has met shared a drink with, or someone whose family they know. And the bar is small: the size of just one car space.

No.40 Red Frog – NEW ENTRY
Portugal’s best cocktail spot is hidden within its second best cocktail spot, Monkey Mash. This is a speakeasy with modernist takes on old classics with a brilliant service programme.

No.39 Locale Firenze – NEW ENTRY
Locale Firenze_INCOPY
The drinks list is as distinctive as the venue at this Florentine gem. With a modern touch, bar manager Matteo Di Ienno’s menu features signatures such as Elisir Caterina alongside seasonal recipes.

No.38 Zuma
While Zuma has venues all over the globe, it is the Dubai spot of this modern Japanese izakaya that has become renowned for its cocktails and service. Its square bar allows guests a view of all the shaking and mixing of cocktail from its menu split by drink styles.

No.37 A Bar with Shapes for a Name – NEW ENTRY
A Bar with shapes_INCOPY
Monikered by not words but shapes – a yellow triangle, red square and blue circle – Remy Savage and Paul Lougrat’s east London bar doesn’t have a spoken or written name. The cocktails are clean in appearance, and efficient in execution, with layers of thought and modernist techniques behind each of them.

No.36 Dante
New York
Dante’s concept is simple – the bustling room is a picture-book Italian café, but its impact has extended far beyond its walls. Just one taste of its superlative Negroni can help one quickly understand how this tiny location helped popularise the cocktail across North America.

No.35 1930
Milan’s 1930 is a speakeasy taken seriously. To even find the bar you need someone in the know, because not only is the address undisclosed, entry isn’t guaranteed. When found, guests will have access to some of the best cocktails in Europe.

No.34 Overstory – NEW ENTRY
New York
Perched atop a Wall Street skyscraper, Overstory offers Deco interiors offer an ultra-luxe oasis on the 64th floor of a New York scraper. Outside, a wraparound deck provides one of New York City’s most striking vistas. Inside, its drinks are an ode to Gotham.

No.33 Manhattan
Manhattan has plenty of sparkle eight years since opening, especially under the watchful eye of its latest leader, Rusty Cerven (ex-Connaught, Gibson, et al). The Manhattan trolley and barrel aged cocktails (from its very own in-house rickhouse) are a must.

No.32 Baltra Bar
Mexico City
Baltra Bar_INCOPY
Baltra owes its name to one of the islands visited by Darwin while in the Galapagos and its cocktail programme is all about evolution, where cocktails don’t skimp on big flavour. Don’t miss out on its Martini Tuesdays, where industry figures gather weekly in search of perfecting the timeless drink.

No.31 Line – NEW ENTRY
A new venture from the owners of The Clumsies, Line is a fermentation temple housed in a the beautiful walls of a former art gallery. Putting emphasis on unexpected ingredients and unorthodox processing, Line makes its own fruit ‘wines’, beer and artisan bread.

No.30 Swift – RE-ENTRY
Elegance and efficiency in perfect balance, Swift in Soho is a bar for the times. Spanning two floors, upstairs is the kind of place you go for a single cocktail, but end up having too much fun to leave with its Art Déco-esque decor.

No.29 Maybe Sammy
Maybe Sammy_INCOPY
This is already Australia’s most famous cocktail bar and, at nearly four years into its life, Maybe Sammy continues to set the pace for cocktail bars in the country. Its team are beacons of hospitality; charismatic and beaming with personality.

No.28 Argo – NEW ENTRY
Hong Kong
Taking its name from the ship that sailed Jason and the Argonauts to the Golden Fleece in the ancient Greek myth, Argo is a bar that balaces the mythical and futuristic. The evolution of spirits is explored in Argo’s Field Guide cocktail list. Think AI-produced gin and the world’s first molecular whisky, or Martinis citrus and savoury hydrosols.

No.27 Tres Monos
Buenos Aires
Tres Monos_INCOPY
Drinks at Tres Monos are to be enjoyed atop one of the 10 bar-side stools so as to soak up the banter with the bartenders. While its atmosphere is undeniably fun-focused and tied up by a thumping ’90s soundtrack, the bar cares just as much about its wider community, hosting workshops and supporting its suppliers.

No.26 Sidecar
New Delhi
New Delhi’s Sidecar is known and loved as the city’s quintessential neighbourhood bar. Across three floors, this renowned venue is known just as much for its addictive bar food alongside its well-crafted drinks.

No.25 Kumiko – NEW ENTRY
Julia Momose’s Kumiko is the epitome of elegance. The refined West Loop space, livened by beautiful wood cabinetry and exposed brick, is immediately transportive, channelling and integrating the flavours of Japan and America together.

No.24 Tropic City – NEW ENTRY
tropiccitybkk.comTropic City_INCOPY
This rum-centred concept by Swedish bar professionals Philip Stefanescu and Sebastian De La Cruz is all about fun and good tunes (playlist courtesy of the latter’s other role as DJ) but not at the expense of properly made drinks.

No.23 Satan’s Whiskers – NEW ENTRY
Satans Whiskers_INCOPY
Satan’s Whiskers is London’s bartenders’ bar. Inside it’s all exposed bricks, taxidermy and vintage booze posters, somehow tied together with its now-famous hip-hop playlist. You know in an instant this place serves cocktails with classical foundations.

No.22 Attaboy
New York
Don’t expect a sign outside Attaboy – or a menu inside the New York City bar. In fact, the interior small interior space feels like your welcoming, neighbourhood bar room. The room originally housed Milk & Honey, the ground-breaking speakeasy from cocktail pioneer Sasha Petraske.

No.21 Café La Trova
Cafe La Trova_INCOPY
Cuban legend Julio Cabrera built Miami’s Café La Trova as the definitive homage to his homeland. On display at the festive space in Miami’s Little Havana neighbourhood is the island’s historic ‘cantinero’ style of bartending.

No.20 Baba au Rum
Baba Au Rum_INCOPY
The secret behind this bar’s endurance is to be found in the impeccable taste of manager and owner Thanos Prunarus, whose love for the modernist movements of Bauhaus, Dada and the Avant-Garde can be felt in the bar’s decor and sensibilities.

No.19 The Clumsies
The Clumsies_INCOPY
With its world-class cocktail list, beautiful food and warm Greek hospitality, The Clumsies is the bar you wish was in your neighbourhood. The central Athens all-day bar has the dynamism of a venue capable of effortless mood swings, from cosy daytime spots, to a quiet night-time haunt to a full-blown parties.

No.18 Florería Atlántico
Buenos Aires
Floreria Atlantico_INCOPY
Housed beneath a flower shop is one of Buenos Aires’ most elegant and alluring venues. Boasting beautiful bouquets and a curated selection of wine, the entrance to Florería Atlántico can only be found through the door of a vintage fridge.

No.17 Coa
Hong Kong
This Oaxacan-inspired bar – which takes its name from the tool used to harvest agave plants – is a homage to Mexican-produced spirits and all things agave nestled in the heart of Hong Kong. 

No.16 Drink Kong
This wrap-around space with nightclub-black decor is illuminated almost exclusively by neon and gives off serious Blade Runner vibes. Visitors have come to learn that Drink Kong has some of the most forward-thinking cocktails in the city, with brilliant use of acids and hard liquor.

No.15 Salmon Guru
Salmon Guru_INCOPY
Salmon Guru is an institution, revered for the quality of its service (the team won the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award in 2021) and its brilliantly fun decor and drinks. Expect dragon statues masquerading as cocktail vessels and some of the most vibrant wallpaper of any bar, anywhere in the world.

No.14 BKK Social Club – NEW ENTRY
BKK social club_INCOPY
What do you get when you combine the energy of Bangkok, the allure of the golden age of Buenos Aires, bespoke cocktails and a bar team led by one of the best in business? You get BKK Social Club. Known for its Negroni flights and dark spirit serves, it’s already one of the finest hostelries in Asia and the rightful winner of the London Essence Best New Opening Award in 2022.

No.13 Hanky Panky
Mexico City 
Hanky Panky_INCOPY
On top of incredible drinks, Hanky Panky is a community hub and a place with food as good as the drinks, as well as the worthy recipient of the Michter’s Art of Hospitality Award. Expect a fun-time, laid-back vibe any night of the week.

No.12 Jigger & Pony
Jigger Pony_INCOPY
Jigger & Pony is a previous Best Bar in Asia and hits the mark of blending party vibes and serious drinks. It’s an innovator in terms of its menu craft and bar design and serves one of the best Ramos Gin Fizz anywhere on the planet.

No.11 Handshake Speakeasy
Mexico City
Handshake Speakeasy_INCOPY
With its jet black and golden brass interior, Handshake has the feel and look you’d expect from a 1920s speakeasy, as seen through Hollywood eyes. Behind Handshake’s secret door, the 2020s really do feel like the 1920s, and vice-versa.

No.10 Alquímico – RE-ENTRY
Each of Alquimico’s three floors has its own identity. From its high-energy ground floor, to the complex first floor bar and endearing rooftop area, each have received ultra consideration. By placing people, sustainability and Colombia first, owner Jean Trinh was also named as the Altos Bartender’s Bartender for 2022.

No.9 Katana Kitten
New York
Katana Kitten_INCOPY
Guests are greeted warmly at Katana Kitten as they descend from the New York City streets into this underground, Japanese dive bar. Inside, allcomers are instantly immersed in an authentically ’80s party. Drawing from Asian influences, its highly nuanced creations are worth travelling into the city for.

No.8 Connaught Bar
Now in its 15th year, Connaught Bar has set the standard for London hotel bars. It’s the marriage between classicism and modernity, traditionalism and invention, pulled off with such poise by Agostino Perrone (winner of the Roku Industry Icon Award 2022), Giorgio Bargiani, Maura Milia and their team, who have together created a global icon.

No.7 Two Schmucks
Two Schmucks_INCOPY
The five-star dive bar that is Two Schmucks lives up to its moniker and more. In Barcelona’s historic El Raval, all scruffy and characterful, the bar fits right in, with punk vibes and irreverent charm seeping out of every pore.

No.6 Double Chicken Please – NEW ENTRY
New York
Double Chicken Please_INCOPY
The front room at DCP is an homage to the Lower East Side neighbourhood’s fast-paced soda shops of yesteryear, where food offerings are transformed into whimsical liquid versions of everyman edible classics, such as the Cold Pizza (Parmigiano Reggiano, burnt toast, tomato, basil honey, egg white). As the best-positioned bar to enter this list for the first time this year, it is anointed with the Disaronno Highest New Entry Award 2022.

No.5 Little Red Door
Little Red Door_INCOPY
Little Red Door has never stopped probing the conventions around cocktails and the way they are communicated to guests. Digging deep into seasonal ingredients and their producers, Little Red Door’s current farm-to-glass model places produce at the heart of the bar experience, making it a worthy winner of the Ketel One Sustainable Bar Award for 2022.

No.4 Licorería Limantour
Mexico City
Licoreria Limantour_INCOPY
Present on the list since 2014, Licorería Limantour is an institution in both Mexico and the global bartending community. It’s the type of bar that gets everything right: packed every day of the week, with efficient service, on-point drinks and an intoxicating atmosphere. As the best performing bar in the history of the list since its 2009 inception, Licorería Limantour has been named as the Rémy Martin Legend of the List for 2022.

No.3 Sips
Simone Caporale and Marc Alvarez are without doubt two of the world’s finest bartenders and this is one of the world’s finest bars. Bouncing from its mellow daytime atmosphere to its dark and mysterious nightime aura, each drink is served and presented with unmatched attention to detail and theatre. Rising a meteoric 34 places up the list this year, Sips is given the title of the Nikka Highest Climber.

No.2 Tayēr + Elementary
Tayer Elementary_INCOPY
When Monica Berg and Alex Kratena launched Tayēr + Elementary in 2019, it felt like a glimpse into the future. Every element of the cocktail bar had been reimagined, from the design to the approach to service and drinks making and it continues to probe what’s possible from a cocktail bar.

No.1 Paradiso
Once you navigate your way through the false-front entrance through the refrigerator door in a pastrami shop, you’re confronted with The World’s Best Bar 2022, sponsored by Perrier. Gaudi-inspired curved wood ceilings are mirrored by a sweeping bar serving outrageously innovative drinks by one of the liveliest bar teams in the business.

Now recap the list with the video:

The list of The World’s 50 Best Bars 2022, sponsored by Perrier, was announced on Tuesday 4th October at a live awards ceremony in Barcelona. To stay up to date with the latest news, follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


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