Her Perfect Pitch Directory

Her Perfect Pitch Directory


For Women’s Month, Jacaranda FM launched the Her Perfect Pitch for the women of Mzansi by giving them the tools and resources to break boundaries.

In a bid to elevate female entrepreneurs within the Jacaranda FM community, the station launched its new initiative Her Perfect Pitch – a campaign to help female entrepreneurs perfect their elevator pitches and take their business to the next level by winning a prize package worth over R500 000.

Spearheaded by Jacaranda FM Managing Director – Deirdre King, Jacaranda FM’s Commercial Manager – Jane Ruinard, Jacaranda FM presenters and entrepreneurs – Rozanne McKenzie and Elana Afrika-Bredenkamp and Woman Of Stature Foundation CEO – Charlotte du Plessis, 10 entrants were invited to pitch their businesses. 

The winner of Her Perfect Pitch was Cheri Afonso, the Director of House Hoppers

Due to the impressive submissions and efforts from the other women-led businesses to add value to their communities, Jacaranda FM’s Managing Director, Deirdre King, has decided to hold a networking event for all the companies that entered the campaign. 

Here is a complete list of all the entrants:

Olive and Grape

Our aim at Olive and Grape™ is to support small, family owned businesses and expose consumers to a variety of products not found on the shelves of major retail outlets. Boutique Wine, Olives, Olive Oil, Hand-Roasted Coffee, Artisan Chocolate, and Creative Add-Ons is sold, together with Wine Pairing options on pre-selected wines to provide customers with a Wine Route Experience to enjoy in the comfort of their own home. 

Now isn’t that just Farmtastic?   

Click here for more: www.oliveandgrape.co.za

Green Hygienix Solutions

Green Hygienix Solutions incorporate indigenous African plant-based oils to produce organic skin and hair care products.

They recently tapped into organic cleaning products and organic heavy industrial chemicals. Its founder Fredah Modiselle was a cleaner, and she used to see how cleaning chemicals affected the skin and respiratory system. She decided to lower the acidity and chemical level in cleaning products using the very same organic plant-based oils, which creates a cylinder to protect cleaners’ hands while being effective on the stains and effective and effortless organic cleaning.

E Designs and Installations 

The Home Of PVC Ceilings, PVC Flooring, PVC Cornice, PVC Wall Panels, and Artificial Grass in Southern-Africa Highveld Branch since 2011. Locally manufactured, Proudly South-African products that are of the best quality and available in various sizes. We specialize in PVC with a focus on client service and solving clients’ challenges. Visit our new Head Office, Showroom, and ART GALLERY which just opened @Jetvest Building Unit 1 & 2, 26 Langa Crescent, Corridor Hill, eMalahleni, Witbank.

Click here for more: www.edesignspvc.co.za

Ella Genetics

Ella Genetics tests your DNA, you are the sum of your doings and your genes so what better way to get insight into optimal living than knowing your genes? We test and give you feedback on how your genes impact your diet, fitness, and health (eyes, heart, mind, etc), how you break down medication and your genetic ancestry. After receiving your genetic feedback, you can receive a personalized vitamin based on your genetics tested and current needs delivered to you monthly. Order a DNA Saliva collection kit on our website, to have it delivered to your doorstep. We also have pay-off options available on our website to ensure you don’t miss out on taking control and receiving the genetic test of a lifetime. 

Click here for more: www.ellagenetics.com

Muse Magazine

Muse Magazine is a proudly South African magazine that aims to inspire. In fact, a Muse is an inspirational being! Colorful, vibrant, gorgeous, entertaining, and interesting – Muse showcases out-of-the-ordinary design & architecture. Muse presents unforgettable local travel destinations. Muse wines and dines across SA and reviews products for him and her in literary, style, fashion, tech, wellness, and family circles.

Read Muse Digital – www.musemagazine.co.za

Click here for more: [email protected]

Latjis Transport Services

Global shipping, warehousing, and return solutions that guarantee precision. Whether you need global shipping, specialized warehousing, or just third-party logistics that cuts to the chase, Latjis Transport Services is ready. Our expanding global presence provides our clients with thousands of vetted team partners dedicated to delivering comprehensive solutions that encompass transportation, distribution, value-added services, and more. Our client roster includes companies ranging from startups to multinational corporations. If you are looking for a 3PL provider with global resources, outside-the-box problem solving, and 24/7/365 availability, look no further. 

Click here for more: www.latjistransport.co.za


What is Lunchpack? Lunchpack is a school catering lunch convenience delivery service which provides nutritionally balanced, fun, and delicious lunch delivered fresh daily.

We will be the business of helping our customer to relieve the daily stress of preparing school lunch for their children by providing them with a great meal plan lunch package that is nutritionally balanced, and fun to eat for the children. We promote community nutrition and health by educating customers on the importance of a well-balanced, nutritive meal, portion control, and choosing foods from a variety of food groups to positively increase children’s potential from benefiting from education 

Click here for more: https://instagram.com/_lunchpack?r=nametag


Starched focuses on industries where uniforms are dull and negatively affect the way that people feel about themselves. We provide beautifully designed workwear to workplaces that require you to wear a uniform, or where it is practical to wear a uniform. Through our stylish workwear, we aim to help people find their fun and exuberance, feel good and express their authenticity. Our workwear is not only beautiful, but it is practical and comfortable too. We believe that if you look good, you feel good!

 Click here for more: www.starched.co.za

Personalised Coffins

At Personalised Coffins Pty LTD, we understand the importance of creating a custom casket for a loved one. The idea of making funerals personal has resulted in an explosion of unique services that reflect the deceased’s ancestors, family clan, hobbies, passions, and interests of the loved one who has passed on. By making a funeral reflective of the life of the individual who passed on, the funeral can be more meaningful. Custom caskets are a great way to honor and personalize a memorial, and have become a growing trend in the funeral industry all over the world.

Understanding the Growing Trend in Personalised Caskets World Wide! 

Click here for more: www.personalisedcoffins.co.za


Anastasia is driven to make her businesses flourish, in her role as The Servant Leader she leads her tribe which fully support her vision and is 100% behind her, she is determined to make that happen. The story of Mashobane Group starts with a unicorn, a unicorn with fire burning in her soul to help other.

Click here for more: https://binged.it/3RWhSe4 

Confidence Period Panties

Confidence Period Panties are reusable period panties that will last for many years. All that a girl would need throughout her high school career. Monthly menstrual products are costly and access to these products is often limited. Losing up to 7 days of education every month is causing the women of South Africa to miss out on vital educational curriculum which puts them at a huge disadvantage with further education and employment. By allowing this we are creating a society of women that have no independence. Confidence Period Panties can be washed, quick to dry, and reused resulting in less sanitary products ending up in landfills and our oceans. Tampons, pads, and panty liners along with their packaging and individual wrapping generate more than 52,4 million kilograms of waste per year in South Africa – in fact, pads are around 90% plastic!

 Click here for more: https://confidencepanties.com/

Porkbush Gin

Porkbush Gin is a very special proudly South African award-winning craft gin made from Spekboom. Spekboom is a special succulent native to SA and it is known for its amazing benefits for the environment in terms of carbon sequestration. The Spekboom used in the distilling of Porkbush Gin is sourced from special local Spekboom projects. The Spekboom is re-planted and re-used in the gin. This way the business supports local community projects, and we do our bit for the environment by re-planting the Spekboom. The aim of the brand is essential to create awareness around this amazing wonder plant and to give back to the community and the environment, all while making spectacular gin.  

Click here for more: Home – Porkbush Gin

Gomommy Transport

Gomommy Transport is your local Transport Service in Middelburg, Mpumalanga where each customer is not only a customer but a part of our family. We provide safe transport for children to and from school and to their extra mural activities. If you are unable to get to work, we also provide transport and make sure you get there on time every time. If you are tired of the smell, we provide rental drums and do Rubble removal for you. Our team is there to make your life a little bit easier. We have a fantastic team and are always willing to help in any way that we can. 

The Lola n Kiki Mercantile 

I, The Lola n Kiki Mercantile owner, Neo Motshumi am a memory maker
through my South African ethnicities inspired ragdolls, custom blankets, and
handbags packaged in upcycled shopping bags. Growing up, I had a beloved
doll I named Setshego, meaning laughter. This inspired the basis of the
energy in making my goods and my ethos – love, and laughter.

Click here for more: https://www.facebook.com/lolankikihappystuff

Wild Child Design

At Wild Child Design we build small business brands for new businesses in South Africa (authenticity is our main ingredient). With our Star Package, (The Brand Identity Package) we don’t just build wild brands, but our aim & purpose is to equip new business owners to maintain their own brand and give them the tools to keep their brand professional and consistent for years to come, saving these start-up businesses major costs. It doesn’t matter where in RSA you are situated, via telephone & email communication, we can work together so you can get what you need & for us to work our magic!

Click here for more: https://wildchilddesignsa.co.za


GlamCo is a non-invasive lipo Franchise specializing in Cryolipolysis, better known as Fat Freeze. We focus on our valued women, to help them grow as individuals, and give them time and financial freedom and an opportunity to run their own businesses. 

Click here for more: Www.glamco.net 

Pretoria East Gymnastics Academy (PEGA)

Pretoria East Gymnastics Academy (PEGA) is a new gymnastics club launching 24 September 2022. We help young girls, achieve their gymnastics dream by providing them with quality coaching and strong female role models that are passionate about the sport. Gymnastics is a sport which provides many benefits and leads to strong physical foundations as a springboard to launch children into other sports. Agility, grace, fitness, coordination, self-esteem, gross and fine motor skill development are but to name a few benefits. Pretoria East Gymnastics Academy will be a branch of TUKS gymnastics for now as it is a start-up in Pretoria East with me as Director. As such, the following links can be used. The website will have a separate registration link dedicated to PEGA. 

Click here for more: https://louisfouriegymnastics.co.za/

For Me

For Me is a learning portal and membership site for the personal growth and Spiritual development where women gather, network, and connect. It empowers women to living lives of purpose, meaning and contribution. The space is Sacred where women heal and stand in the truth of the Divine Feminine in all areas of their lives. The strength of the business model and community provides advocacy for social change and economic self-sustainability for women. For Me is a brand of Volution Network.

Nucleocell Nutrition

Our bodies can only be healthy if our individual cells are healthy. Healthy cells lead to healthy organs and healthy bodies so that we can live healthy youthful lives. Individual healthy cells need the right building blocks to be able to regenerate and rebuild. Our food is no longer nutrient dense and we need to supplement with nucleotides. 

Click here for more: www.nucleocell.co.za 

Moulded Image

Skincare is our passion and helping people with their skin concerns is our goal. With my chemical peel range, together with a homecare range, they are able to do this in a safe and cost-effective way. They supply and train beauty, hair ,and nail salons in the use of my products, giving them the opportunity to build onto their existing business by increasing their revenue, and helping their clients by addressing specific skincare needs. 

 Click here for more: https://instagram.com/moulded_image?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Livrons Enterprise

Livrons Enterprise is a private cleaning services company that was founded by Ronewa Mudau in February 2020. Livrons’ principal philosophy is building long-term business relationships with its clients where professionalism, integrity, reliability, and assure quality work are the major building blocks. We offer excellent quality post-construction cleaning services on cleaning sites, office cleaning, residential cleaning, pre/post occupation cleaning services managing the three primary parameters of a project quality, cost and timeous delivery.

Click here for more: https://bit.ly/3SfKkHt

Prestige Lifting Hand 

Prestige Lifting Hand confectionaries is a family business that started off as a hobby. They are currently working with their son and daughter (12 and 13 years). They love baking and would use it to entertain friends and family. They started requesting special goodies like celebration cakes; biscuits; tarts and desserts. They are currently working from their personal kitchen. We build our clientele profile by getting reviews from each order that we deliver, as a means of improving our services and offering tailor-made services to each of our clients. We do not believe in a blanket approach, we enjoy the relationships that we are building with our individual clients. We are versatile with our confectionaries, no order is too small for us. There has been a huge demand for lessons that we are working on as one of our objectives, transferring skills, especially to those not in education, employment, or training (NEET). The business is growing so fast and we started serving clients in North-West. 

We are three months old and making use of a WhatsApp link https://wa.me/message/JYDLPZONLU5YA1. 

EWP Corporation

EWP Corporation – Empowering Women to their full potential is something we feel very passionate about and the other thing we brought in with this business is giving back to the community hence why the 1st segment of EWP Corporation is Made with Love Biscuits (NGO). Pamela – the lady who has helped me raise my children is the face of the biscuits. All sale proceeds of the biscuits will firstly (50%) will go to Pamela and secondly (50%) we will give back to the community. Helping underprivileged people and children. We are asking for sponsors of ingredients and for more people, schools, other NGOs, and old age homes to contact us to get involved, to enable us to do more. 

Click here for more: www.ewpcorporation.com


BlokSA is a dynamic, multi-faceted deceased estate administration institution that focuses on centering its offerings based on the needs of its consumers. At BlokSA, we aspire to identify and solve problem areas within the Administration of the Deceased Estates sphere. We pledge to provide efficient, cost-effective, and specialized services and information regarding Deceased Estates. We often see tragedy and shock when family members come to terms with the fact that the last Will and Testament have not been updated, signed, or even, in some cases, are found to be lost. Consequently, we decided to make it our mission to provide efficient and specialized services and information regarding Deceased Estates.

 Click here for more: www.bloksawills.co.za

Little by Little

Little by Little provide a little more comfort for babies and children that are admitted to hospital while trying to make life easier for parents and medical personnel. We designed a romper that is specifically made for babies and children that is connected to an IV drip. Our product makes it easier to get dressed and makes sure parents and medical personnel don’t have to disconnect the IV drip every time the little one needs to change clothing. We have a summer and a winter range. Please contact us for designs or orders on 

Click here for more: [email protected]/[email protected] 


KoffieTEEF is an Afrikaans acronym for: Trots (Proud), Eerlik (Honest), Eksentriek (Eccentric) and Fyn (Humor).
Koffieteef is striving to become a household name in all coffee lovers’ houses. We love coffee, but we also believe in creating positive communication channels instead of ladies breaking each other down, rather help her straighten her crown! – of course over a cup of coffee. We have the following coffee variants: 1. Teef konkoksie – with a slightly higher acidic profile, breaking down bitterness, ideal for no sugar coffee lovers. 2. Espresso Gold 3. Mocha Java 4. Jamaican. We have an online shop, and love to custom make packages for gifts and special events. Have a look on Facebook and Instagram to see what the ‘koffietewe’ is up to! 

Click here for more: www.koffieteef.co.za 

Word Warrior

Do you want to make a change, but do not know where to start? Word Warrior s goal is to become a platform where ordinary people can find inspiration and support to live authentic and productive lives. At Word Warrior, our goal is to encourage and challenge people to:

  • RE- think
  • RE- define
  • RE – imagine

In a fun and innovative way!

Services we render:

  • Motivational speaking
  • Consultation to create a comfort zone escape plan
  • Personalized development plans in collaboration with Future Factor

Click here for more: linkedin.com/in/karin-schoeman-5302b876


INO-Biodiesel is renewable energy which is 100% produced from used cooking oil-based in Gauteng (Johannesburg). What we do is we collect used cooking oil from both households and food establishments services and convert it into biodiesel for a running diesel construction, farm, and mining equipments. (We collect used cooking oil, we produce biodiesel, we supply biodiesel)

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