Viral video shows the importance of helmet safety in youth sports


Following a viral video of a little leaguer getting hit in the head by a pitch and then hugging the pitcher, it’s helpful to know which helmets are best for kids to keep them safe.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission has safety recommendations for all helmets used in youth athletics.

The list includes the safety labels you should look for ā€“ and it’s broken down by activities including motocross, football, bicycle riding and more.

Virginia Tech University also does research into helmet technology. Since 2011, researchers have given ratings to helmets used in high school football, youth and flag football, hockey, soccer, snow sports and bicycle helmets.

The Helmet Lab researchers study injury biomechanics, with particular emphasis on investigating human tolerance to impact loading thus exploring ways to prevent injuries.

The information can be used if you’re purchasing new equipment or want to confirm the safety of gear you already have.

MU Health Care provides the following ways to make sure a bicycle helmet is properly fitted to a person’s head.

  • Eyes: Put the helmet on your head and look up. You should see the bottom rim of the helmet.
  • Ears: Make sure the straps form a ā€œVā€ under your ears when buckled. The straps should be tight but comfortable.
  • Mouth: Open your mouth as wide as you can. Does the helmet hug your head? If not, tighten the straps.


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