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Everybody always asks me how I create such amazing winning CULTURE on my teams. It takes a little special talent, sure, but I actually have an extremely SIMPLE formula for it. I’ll give it to you in a minute. But first, a few scattered thoughts–if you’ll bear with me.

So it is pretty wild that my firm has been open for nearly 6 months and I still dont have a website.

I mean, I have, of course, and a podcast and a You Tube channel and all the social media trappings.

But I don’t have an actual website for the Firm.

A lot of folks have asked why and–the truth is–I just didn’t want a sucky out-of-the-box infinite scroll cookie-cutter website like ALLLLLLL the other law firms have.

And I know, I know, isn’t exactly the most avant garde of websites, so I’ll forgive you if you’re confused by my new-found internet snobbery.

But a blog is a blog, and a website is the Firm’s real and obvious and lingering presence. It is the flagship of your internet presence. It is the brand. Living and breathing.

So I knew I wanted something profound for the website but–again, being totally honest–I just couldn’t afford to do what I wanted out of the gate. And rather than diminish the brand with some awful little trope of a web offering.

I waited and saved.

Can you tell I’m wearing make up?

Took me six months to save up enough to do it. But I’ve done it. I mean, sort of.

We just had the shoot yesterday, we still need to stitch it all together. Really hoping to have it out December 1 at the latest!!! But we’ll see.

As with all things we do, this was a labor of love. And it took commitment from all of you as well. I mean an entire law firm vanished off the face of the Earth for a day, and you all stuck by us–so THANK YOU. Sorry about that. And it will not happen again.

For now though please bask in the joy of these photographs. I will tell you this team is amazing. And you can see the JOY we all bring to the practice of law beaming in our smiling faces.

But let’s get back to that culture discussion. I only owe you one secret. But I’ll give you two. 🙂

First, the word “cult” is right in the word culture folks. If you’re not trying to build a cult, you’re not really building culture. 😉

Joking. Sort of.

But second-and for real– culture is about two things: vision and commitment. When you have both, you have culture. When you don’t, you have a big pile of confused people going in different directions. Always.

That’s the problem with biglaw. They never really have vision. Its all about maximizing profits. But that’s not really a vision, now is it? That’s not really going going somewhere. Its just dreaming up the next scheme to get a few extra bucks off someone.


No wonder biglaw firms always struggle with culture. Like, what culture can there be in an environment that focuses solely on profits? Never going to happen.

And this is true beyond biglaw firms, of course. Making money just isn’t a vision. And working to just make money just isn’t very fulfilling.

There has to be some transcendental quality to what you’re doing. Otherwise you’re just pushing a rock up a hill for a handful of hamster pellets. You’re worth more than that.

I encourage everyone to realize you can’t CREATE culture. It just doesn’t work that way. First you need vision. A direction. Something profound that the world needs. Then sell your vision for meeting those needs to a group of spirited and talented people– and the commitment will follow.

And once you have commitment and a vision your CULTURE will be a winning one. Always. And over time you will become unstoppable. Just like Troutman Firm is right now.

I love all of you. Thank you each for the role you played in this. I could never be here without you.

Now get back to work.

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