User-friendly AI: Article Collections on Artificial Intelligence – Science & research news

User-friendly AI: Article Collections on Artificial Intelligence – Science & research news


Are you curious about AI? Have you tried ChatGPT? Worried about what OpenAI means for our future? Find the answers to your biggest research questions on artificial intelligence with our top article collections about this promising area of ​​computer science. With collective views2. of over 2 million, researchers explored topics spanning from brain-inspired machine learning and the legal implications of AI to leading people through digital transformation and artificial intelligence applications for specialty crops management.

Article Collections:

AI in agriculture

33 articles | 187,000 views

Focusing on the recent advances and latest technical developments in artificial intelligence applications for specialty crops management

AI in pharmacology

18 articles | 186,000 views

Highlighting the most recent advances and perspectives on all kinds of artificial intelligence technologies used in drug design

Brain-inspired machine learning

22 articles | 204,000 views

Analyzing neuroscientific data through machine learning algorithms to provide a better understanding of both the normal cognitive and pathological processes in brain disorders, leading to new treatment plans for them

AI in medical imaging

20 articles | 629,000 views

Addressing the challenges of artificial intelligence for brain image analysis and sharing new research achievements in this focus area

Legal implications of AI

13 articles | 271,000 views

Examining the ways to address the mismatch between neuroscientific results and law, especially the legal implications of artificial intelligence

Digital transformation management

6 articles | 175,000 views

Understanding how leaders negotiate the challenges associated with digitalization and digital transformation processes

AI in dermatology

22 articles | 137,000 views

Collecting and presenting the latest endeavors, progresses, experiences and challenges in skin imaging technology, teledermatology and artificial intelligence in dermatology to provide guidance on future research and its translation

Fundamentals of AI

12 articles | 127,000 views

Exploring the theory, methods, and application of machine learning and artificial intelligence, as well as their application to physical science disciplines as a whole

Data-Driven Cognitive Manufacturing

9 articles | 147,000 views

Demonstrating the operation of smart AI services able to anticipate undesired manufacturing conditions and optimization of multi-stage zero defect control loops

Ethical machine learning

7 articles | 113,000 views

Addressing how human traits such as fairness, accountability, transparency, and trustworthiness can be built into future AI and ML systems

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