The ‘Gaylors’ are showing us the toxic sides of celebrity culture 

The ‘Gaylors’ are showing us the toxic sides of celebrity culture 


The Taylor Swift fandom doesn’t exactly have the best reputation (pun intended). If you ask a non-Swiftie about the Taylor Swift fandom, you’re likely to hear that we’re nothing more than a bunch of crazed young women obsessing over the life of a mediocre singer.

This is, of course, wrong. So wrong, in fact, that if someone dared to call Taylor Swift mediocre to my face, they’d be lucky to escape alive. Setting her 42 Grammy nominations and 11 wins aside, her music is diverse and tells captivating stories, and the Taylor Swift fandom is not half bad either. The vast majority of us Swifties are young women who appreciate and look up to Swift and her music. Sometimes we may appear a bit obsessive — buying as much of her merch as possible, learning the name of every single one of her cats (Meredith, Olivia and Benjamin, in case you were wondering) — but it’s all in good fun. We’re fangirls being fangirls, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

However, there is one side of the Taylor Swift fandom that has always managed to rub me the wrong way. The “Gaylors,” as they call themselves, are a sect of Swifties who believe that Taylor Swift is one day going to come out as gay. They have done a deep dive into her past relationships, friendships and lyricism to arrive at this conclusion, and are ready to tell off anyone who dares say otherwise. They publicly speculate about her sexuality all over social media, taking even the smallest crumb of information and twisting it to fit their beliefs.


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