The Era’s Most Iconic Pop Culture Halloween Costume Inspo

“What the hell should I be for Halloween?”

“What the hell should I be for Halloween?”

Tis’ the season of ghostly greetings, spooky affirmations, and the oh so potent retrieval of “What the hell do I wear for Halloween?” – though this time we won’t wait till the last minute. With Halloween creeping up the horizon and stress levels zeroing in on all time highs, I can’t think of a better time to just make things simple. Instead of reluctantly joining the unmerciful line of the union square party city, let’s join hands and affirm that we can in fact do better . Let this Halloween season be the day you grant yourself the space to relive your favorite media moments. And by that I mean time it’s time to drop jaws and pop out in whatever the hell you want. I mean honestly how often do you have the opportunity to capture your aesthetic in its biggest and boldest genre? From Bella’s Met afterparty look to Kourtney and Travis’s infamous Portofino wedding, we’ve encircled some more notable looks from this era’s boldest pop culture moments.

Britney Spears

Carrie Bradshaw

  Diane L. Cohen/Contributor/Getty Images Entertainment/via Getty Images


  Kevin Winter / Staff/ Getty Images Entertainment/ via Getty Images

Marilyn Monroe

  Sunset Boulevard / Contributor/ Corbis Historical/via Getty Images


  Harry Langdon / Contributor/ Archive Photos/via Getty Images

Lil Kim

  Mychal Watts / Contributor/WireImage/ via Getty Images

Bella Hadid

  MEGA / Contributor/GC Images/ via Getty Images


  Scott Gries / Staff/ Hulton Archive/via Getty Images

Avril Lavigne

  Frank Micelotta Archive / Contributor/ Getty Images Entertainment/via Getty Images

Tina Turner

  Harry Langdon / Contributor/Archive Photos/ Via Getty Images

Kourtney Kardashian & Travis Barker

  Gotham/Contributor/GC Images/ via Getty Images

Elle Woods

  Getty Images/Handout/Hulton Archive/ via Getty Images

Julia Fox

  Karwai Tang / Contributor/ Getty Images Entertainment/ via Getty Images


  Arlene Richie / Contributor/ The Chronicle Collection/ via Getty Images

Paris Hilton

  Dave Benett/Contributor/Getty Images Entertainment/ via Getty Images

Kim Kardashian

  Dia Dipasupil / Staff/ FilmMagic/ via Getty Images

Megan Fox & MGK

  Phillip Faraone/Stringer/Getty Images Entertainment/ via Getty Images

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