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Houston social media influencers Holly Tuggy (left) and Harper Watters (right).

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The world of social media influencers has become a phenomenon. But many still wonder what it really means to be an influencer and what the steps are to becoming one.

While some of us mainly use social media as a tool to just connect with family and friends, there are also ways to make lots of money.

But what’s the difference between a mega influencer, nano influencer, and micro-influencer?

Our guests today not only talk about how they each became social media influencers and what it means to be one, they also talk about how it gave them confidence to pursue their passions, while influencing others to do the same.

We also talk with a marketing expert about how social media influencers affect the buying impact on consumers — shaping trends and purchase patterns.


Dr. Jenna Drenten

  • Associate Professor of Marketing, Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University of Chicago

Holly Tuggy

  • Bilingual Digital Content Creator and Influencer
  • Twitter/Facebook/YouTube: @superholly

Harper Watters

  • Dancer and First Soloist, The Houston Ballet
  • Digital Content Creator and Influencer, How to Take a Selfie
  • TikTok / Instagram: @theharperwatters

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