Sendy Unveils Payment On Delivery For E-commerce In Africa

Sendy Unveils Payment On Delivery For E-commerce In Africa

By Soko Directory Team / Published February 1, 2023 | 9:45 pm

Sendy has introduced a Payment on Delivery product for e-commerce and social commerce vendors in Africa. This product will facilitate secure online shopping in Africa by supporting the way online payments are made, allowing customers to make purchases without any security concerns.

Through this product, customers will be able to inspect the state of their packages before making payments thus giving them peace of mind and confidence in their purchases.

With online sales in Africa projected to grow significantly in the coming years, Sendy’s Payment on Delivery product aims to increase sales and provide a solution to the 80% of customers who currently don’t buy online due to a lack of security. to significantly increase e-commerce businesses, supporting over 100,000 businesses that are seeking to reach new customers.

“We are excited to offer this new payment option to our sellers. We believe that this will enhance their experience when using Sendy to fulfill their orders. Sendy is always looking for ways to improve customer experience. We listened to the feedback from our sellers and their customers and we are hopeful that offering payment on delivery will help to improve service delivery to them,” said Nyambura Karita, Chief Operations Officer.

“We understand that some customers may have concerns about their purchases. Through this service, we hope to give them even more peace of mind and confidence in their Sendy experience,” added Nyambura.

In addition to providing convenience and security, the Payment on Delivery product also includes buyer protection, ensuring that customers will not receive fake products and are assured of receiving their exact ordered items. Businesses will be able to manage their payments effectively and mitigate sales loss encouraging customers who prefer to pay upon delivery of their goods.

To use this product, businesses will select the Payment on Delivery option at checkout when placing their orders on the Sendy Fulfillment App. They will also indicate whether Sendy should collect the value of the goods only or the value of goods and delivery fee. All payments will be collected and confirmed after delivery and immediately sent to the sellers. The sellers will then receive the money in their Sendy wallets.

Sendy is continuously investing in empowering people and businesses by making it easier to trade. Through a portfolio of fulfillment services (Direct Fulfillment, Smart Fulfillment, in one Fulfillment), Sendy provides the easiest way for businesses of any size to move goods, enabling them to drive more efficiency and growth.

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