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The Galveston Railroad Museum on July 28 presented an evening with master blender Cécile Roudautfeaturing St-Rémy Signature Brandy. The invitation-only soirée was held in the grand lobby of the historic train depot. The 40 lucky guests enjoyed a four-course dinner, prepared and served by Riondo’s Ristorante. Upon arrival, guests were greeted with a St-Rémy signature drink, aptly named Tin Train.

Each course was complemented with a select brandy concoction. Scrumptious appetizers included prosciutto di Parma wrapped cantaloupe and Caprese skewers with fresh basil, “Riondo Mozzarella,” grape tomato, balsamic reduction and extra virgin olive oil. The second course included Tuscan salad with romaine lettuce , fresh mozzarella and Kalamata olives, complemented by St-Rémy Signature “Sidecar.” The third course included beautifully plated Texas quail with julienne vegetables and bordelaise sauce over porcini mushroom Parmesan risotto, complemented by a St-Rémy Old Fashioned.

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