Residential Spas Integrate Dry Salt Therapy as “Go-To” Wellness Modality for Luxury Lifestyle

“Salt rooms have become the new ‘must-have’,” said Bosalavage. “Developers recognize how important it is to have the amenities that increase the value per square foot in either a rental or condominium environment.”

Auberge Beach Residences in Fort Lauderdale, Floridais a luxury residence that has a spa with two salt rooms, one for men and one for women.

“Our salt rooms have been hugely popular. Residents of luxury buildings want tools for healthy living at their fingertips,” says Spa Director Linda Higgs. “People want to live in a place where they don’t have to leave home to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is truer than ever post-Covid.”

Solaia, a 70-unit boutique, luxury, high-rise condominium project overlooking the Hudson River in North Bergen, New Jerseyspared no expense with their beautiful salt room. Residents can enjoy 10-, 15-, or 30-minute salt therapy sessions as part of their wellness circuit.

“We were looking to add something unique at Solaia, and salt therapy fit in perfectly because it’s so user-friendly,” said Dyllan MontSpecial Projects and Finishes Manager for Skyline Development Group. “Residents run the programs unattended. It’s a great use of square footage that creates a lifestyle experience—something people are using regularly and reaping the health benefits. Every single person that has used the salt room has said to me that they are breathing so much deeper and it’s crazy how much of an effect it really does have. We are definitely looking to do salt rooms in future residential projects.”

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