Pulse of Culture 24.10 | TVP World

Pulse of Culture 24.10 | TVP World


In this episode you will learn about the Paris Art Basel fair, the winners of the Warsaw Film Festival and Odesa Film Festival and many other cultural events across the world.

Paris Art Basel ends

The art fair brought 156 artists and many visitors from around the world. The event took part in many prestigious locations around Paris. The art exhibitions confirmed the position of France’s capital as one of the most important cultural hubs around the globe.

38th edition of the Warsaw Film Festival

May Labor Day, a picture by a Bosnian director Pjer Žalica won the Grand Prix of this year’s Festival. The film covers the problem of war crimes during the Balkan wars of the 1990s. The Festival included the announcement of the Odesa Film Festival’s winner, the movie ‘Butterfly Vision’ by Maxim Nakonechnyi.

Reneissance exhibition in Prado Madrid museum

Magnificent works of the Italian and Spanish renaissance are on display in one of the most outstanding European museums.

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