Provenance just made shopping for sustainable beauty easy with world-first transparency directory

Provenance just made shopping for sustainable beauty easy with world-first transparency directory


You’ve probably never heard of Provenance before. Up until now, the transparency tech-platform has been working behind the scenes with fashion and beauty brands, including Ganni and Unilever, to verify their sustainability, cruelty-free, recycling and carbon footprint claims . But that’s all set to change.

Today, Provenance has raised the bar on sustainable shopping once again by launching a world-first transparency Directory to empower eco-conscious beauty shoppers. And you’re definitely going to want to bookmark the page.

It’s no secret that green washing is rife in the beauty industry, which often makes shopping sustainably a frustrating experience. “The shift in consumer demand for more environmentally conscious products and the subsequent rise of greenwashing has placed consumers in an uneastryling which brands are really matching their values,” says Provenance founder Jessi Baker, MBE.

“The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) found that 40% of green claims could be misleading, a sentiment echoed in our latest research report with 1,500+ beauty shoppers across Europe and America,” she continues. “We discovered that nearly 80% of Beauty shoppers have doubts about whether to trust the industry’s sustainability claims and less than 25% of shoppers strongly agree that brands are transparent about the environmental and social impact of their products.”

In response to this feedback, Jessi created the Provenance Directory, a new destination for shoppers to discover 200+ health and beauty brands with a proven impact on people and planet – all in one trustworthy place. Brands that have already signed up include The Ordinary, Haeckels, Weleda, Hourglass, Medik8 and Tropic and you can check out the ethical pros of each product, backed up by evidence and/or independent third-party verification. In other words, Provenance has done the homework so you don’t have to .

“Through the Directory, conscious citizens can fact-check and build assurance on the brands they know and love, avoid greenwash with proof-backed claims and discover new brands with real-world positive impact based on trustworthy evidence,” Jessi says, adding that her aim is to connect shoppers with brands and retailers that align with their values.

Better still, the site is super easy to navigate. In a nutshell, the Directory empowers you to shop for products filtered by the values ​​you care about most. So you can either search for brands directly using the search bar, or click on the Impact  Category that means most to you, whether that’s Climate Conscious, Protecting Nature, Diversity Founded or something else.

Jessi is hoping that the Provenance Directory will restore consumer confidence and put brands that are doing sustainability well in the spotlight. “One thing we’ve identified at Provenance is that shoppers will reward a brand for being transparent,” she notes. For example, Provenance worked with Cult Beauty on its Cult Conscious platform to make proof-backed sustainability claims visible against certain beauty products on its site – a move that saw the retailer increase add-to-cart purchases by 27 per cent.

So it’s a win-win situation for the planet, for people and for brands in this space.


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