Pop Culture Journalist – Pedestrian Jobs


This role will be primarily focused on our SCANDAL! product – a weekly podcast episode that deep dives the biggest celebrity stories, from the rise and fall (and rise again) of Taylor Swift, to Tanacon, J Lo’s night behind bars and beyond. On average, these episodes get over 160,000 downloads each, and are now a staple of the Shameless Media brand. On top of researching and fact-checking our SCANDAL! episodes, this team member will also assist with podcast production and content creation where required.


Job title: Pop Culture Journalist

Reporting to: Managing Director

Location: Cremorne, Melbourne

Type: Full-time

WFH split: 3 days in-office, 2 days at home

Experience: Ideally 3+ years of experience working in the journalism and entertainment landscape. Journalism experience is preferred, as this position will require you to heavily research and script past celebrity controversies.

Preferred commencement: January 2023


  • Researching SCANDAL!: Researching, writing and curating factually-robust and engaging SCANDAL! scripts for our podcast hosts to present to the audience.
  • Brainstorming and content ideation: Having a tight grasp of the tone, feel and vibe of Shameless Media content, and regularly pitching strong creative ideas that fall in line with the company’s vision.
  • Production support: Being on hand as an additional podcast producer and creative brain where required, particularly when it comes to launching new products.


  • Experience: must have 3+ years of experience in the journalism/media landscape.
  • Outstanding attention to detail: we love people who are meticulous with how they go about their work and care about the stuff they put out into the world.
  • Industrious: we want someone who shows up on time and shows up ready to get started.
  • Critical thinking: we don’t just want you to do tasks, we want your ideas and your input.
  • Solution-oriented: we want someone who has the desire to ride the wave and present solutions when problems arise.


Shameless Media is the largest independent youth podcast network in Australia and is known for making the content young people crave. We specialise in audio and social content creation and boast an impressive 50 million unique downloads, 45k newsletter subscribers and a combined social following of 600k+.

We are a small, agile, young and flexible workplace. We’re looking for the right person to grow our business and be part of a fast-paced, lively team. If that sounds like you, we’d love for you to apply .

Want to apply?

Please submit your resume and cover letter outlining relevant work experience to jobs@shamelessmediaco.com

Please note: we will only review and accept applications submitted to the official jobs@shamelessmediaco.com email address. Please ensure you adhere to the correct process to be considered for the position.


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