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Best Of Pokemon Lists

Path of Legends: Titan Guides

Victory Road: Gym Battle and Test Guides

Starfall Street: How To Beat Each Team Star Challenge

Paldea Pokedex: Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon

Other Helpful Tips and Guides

Pokemon Scarlet & Violet is here, and so are our guides! Peruse through our vast library of guides within this directory to cover everything you need to know. Pokemon Scarlet & Violet introduces some new features as well as combines old features from various versions of the game, resulting in a ton of gameplay to experience.

There are three main storylines in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, so we have broken this guide directory into those 3 sections first. Following that, you will find nifty guides on all Pokemon in the Pokedex, version exclusives, where to find certain Pokemon, and more Finally, the last section will cover other Helpful guides and tips such as options you may not know existed, or getting all the answers for your tests at the academy.

  • Best Of Pokemon Lists

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    This section of our Pokemon Scarlet & Violet hub is focused on delivering you straight to the point lists of all of the best Pokemon depending on the topic. Check these out whether you are looking for an overall Strongest Pokemon Tier List, or searching for the best Pokemon of a specific type.

  • Path of Legends: Titan Guides

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    Titan battles are new to this style of Pokemon game. They may remind you of Frenzy Pokemon from Pokemon Arceus, but they are more basic in their gameplay. These Pokemon will need to be tracked down and defeated. After you defeat them once, they will eat a herb and become empowered, and you will then need to defeat them again, with the help of Arven.

    These Titans are listed below in the approximate order that you should defeat them based on their level. You are technically able to defeat them in any order, but this order will make for the smoothest gameplay trajectory.

  • Victory Road: Gym Battle and Test Guides

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    Gym Battles and Victory Road are both nothing new to any Pokemon Trainer. What is new though, is that you can battle gyms in any order you’d like in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. This freedom does exist, but each gym does not scale to your level. There is still a specific order that would best fit the flow of the game, and each Gym Test & Battle Guide below is listed in the order you should complete them in for the smoothest experience.

  • Starfall Street: How To Beat Each Team Star Challenge

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    Whether you love or hate the new story line for Team Star, you may be looking for a little help in defeating them. You especially may be looking for this if you, like many players, are completing them out-of-order of their difficulty levels. Many people have been accidentally skipping one of them, and finding it difficult to beat the next.

    For a little extra help, here are the crews listed in the approximate order of difficulty for you to tackle.

    Note: These are coming soon, later this week!

  • Paldea Pokedex: Everything You Need To Know About Pokemon

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    This guide section is for all those Pokemon trainers who Gotta Catch Em’ All. Below you will find all of our documentation on Pokedex listings, version exclusives, and where to find high commodity Pokemon such as legendaries and other strong Pokemon.

  • Other Helpful Tips and Guides

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    There are still so many topics to cover that just don’t fit neatly into the other major categories we have covered. Find other helpful guides here to help you dominate on your journey to become a Pokemon Master in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet!

    You may find the best results by using Control+F to find what you are looking for, as this list will continue to grow.

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