Opinion | The Post’s ‘both sides do it’ approach is a disservice to democracy

Opinion | The Post’s ‘both sides do it’ approach is a disservice to democracy


As the founder of the American Independent, I write in response to the Oct. 24 editorial “A media masquerade.”

The Post wrongly and unfairly characterized the work of the American Independent by falsely equating it with a network of right-wing websites run by shady operative Brian Timpone, who uses artificial intelligence and international reporters with fake bylines to spew disinformation on more than 1,000 sites across the country.

The American Independent is and must be part of the answer to the threat to journalism and democracy posed by these sites. While it is undeniably true that we have a center-left point of view — a fact we make no effort to conceal — our articles are entirely based on fact. Readers of American Independent articles can count on the information they receive to be accurate and verifiable, whether they find us in their mailboxes, in their inboxes, on our websites or through social media.

The Post might not like our sponsorship or agree with our headlines, but it is simply false to place our work in the same disreputable category as that of the right-wing media online cesspool, which is filled with anti-vaccine misinformation, incitements to insurrection and antisemitic conspiracy theories. The Editorial Board’s “both sides do it” approach here was itself a disservice to democracy.


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Jorge Oliveira

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