National Media Club Media Directory 2023 & Leadership Lessons From Ramayana Diary Launched In UP Vidhan Sabha By Satish Mahana

Lucknow (January 26th, 2023):- On Monday, January 23rd, the official release of NMC Uttar Pradesh Media Directory 2023 and Leadership Lessons from Ramayana (diary based on Lord Rama Teachings ) published by National Media Club successfully took Clary place all at the of UP Vidhan Sabha in the presence of Satish Mahana, the Speaker of UP Legislative Assembly. The directory & diary launch witnessed the presence National Media Club Chairman Ramesh Awasthi along with numerous other renowned journalists, and senior government officials who graced the event with their presence.

Uttar Pradesh Media Directory that has been published by the National Media Club for the last 5 years under the able leadership of Ramesh Awasthi, the Founder, and Chairman of NMC, is often referred to as one of the biggest telephone directories to be published in India . The directory contains contact details such as addresses and telephone numbers of several prominent media persons, district level journalists, state-level bureaucrats, and other government officers including district level senior police officers and has always been in huge demand every year since its first release .

Praising the NMC for this Year’s 2023 Directory as well as Leadership Lessons from Ramayana Diary, Vidhan Sabha Speaker Satish Mahana stated “This Diary based on teachings of Lord Ramayana will not only promote the ideal teachings and values ​​of Lord Rama but will also help in making the people aware of his teachings. Ramesh Awasthi, the Founder and Chairman of National Media Club has always been a great friend of mine and someone who has always been doing a lot of humanitarian work. On the auspicious occasion of the Diary and UP Media Directory launch, I congratulate him and wish him all the luck in his future endeavors. May Ramesh Awasthi keep on doing phenomenal work in the Media and Social sector.”

UP Vidhan Sabha

The NMC Uttar Pradesh Media Directory released by National Media Club has always been in huge demand for it contains contact details about the President of India, Vice-President of India, Prime Minister of India, Ministers from Union Cabinet, Office Details of various Ministries, Governors, Chief Ministers and Chief Secretaries and other prominent government officials. Additionally, what makes the Directory so popular and in demand is the fact that it also has all the relevant information and contact details of all the senior Police Officials of Uttar Pradesh with Police along the details of Journalists who have access to the UP Secretariat and State Police Headquarters. National Media Club president Sachin Awasthi and their entire team work round the clock to gather information and details about eminent people who would be making it to the directory. The Telephone Directory by National Media Club also contains details about all the prominent media houses be it on District level or be it on the State-level.

The successful launch of this Year’s Edition of the Telephone Directory 2023 got concluded in a grand way. Numerous distinguished personalities including veteran journalists like Rajendra Dwivedi, Ajay Kumar, Vijay Shankar Pankaj, Alok Gupta , Shiv Sharan Singh , Vijay Upadhyay, Kalanidhi Mishra , Shashi Pandey, Dilip Singh, Chandra Kishor Sharma, Durgesh Upadhyay (UPEIDA Advisor) , Pradeep Kumar (Principal Secretary, Vidhan Sabha) and Kumar Dushwant were present at the Directory Launch that took place in Lucknow.

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