Motor City Comic Con concludes pop-culture filled weekend

Motor City Comic Con concludes pop-culture filled weekend


(CBS DETROIT) – Motor City Comic Con hits the Suburban Collection Showplace in Novi featuring pop culture icons for all walks of life.

The weekend long event featured a multitude of celebrity guests, shops, panels and people dressed up as their favorite movie or video game characters. Several organizations took to the event including Vaders First 501st Legion. Spokesperson Gloria Northup describes it as bad guys doing good. Northup, who on the first day of the Motor City Comic Con was dressed as an imperial officer from the Star Wars series says the organization works with non-profits and hospitals to visit children who may be going through tough times. In a series like Star Wars, there a plenty of bad guysbut Northup says they can also be a means of support to young fans.

She says one of her favorite parts of comic-cons is the opportunity to see people of all kinds in their element, surrounded by pop-culture fans alike.

“When I put on a costume, it’s like I slip into a different role. So I have this different personality. I can be a bossy officer or a force user or whatever I want to be, and it’s a lot of fun and people like seeing us, taking pictures with us. So seeing people happy because they see us, it makes me happy, Northup says.

The Motor City Comic Con began on Friday, October 14th and wrapped up Sunday, October 16th.


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