Michael B. Jordan Talks About Incorporating Mexican Culture In “Creed III” To Make Film More “Honest To The Sport Of Boxing” – Deadline

Michael B. Jordan is opening up about how important it was for him to make Creed III more “honest to the sport of boxing” by incorporating elements of Mexican culture.

Fans of the boxing franchise got a glimpse of Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez making an appearance in the trailer for the new film. The Mexican boxing star is one of the biggest names in the combat sport and predecessors like Julio César Chávez helped raise the notoriety of the sport.

“We just looked back, you know, it’s the history of boxing, and the Mexican culture is such a pillar within the sport of boxing and felt like there wasn’t really a lot of representation throughout the films in that type of way. And it just didn’t seem like the reality I lived in. So I wanted to incorporate Mexican culture into this film,” Jordan said during a press conference according to Slash Film.

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Former boxer Tony Bellew was in the first Creed as Creed’s opponent “Pretty” Ricky Conlan. Now it’ll be Canelo’s time to get in front of a camera making his film debut in Creed III.

With the lack of representation of Mexican boxing stars in Creed thus far, Jordan now feels that the world of boxing will be more genuine to the actual sport in real life.

“I just felt that there was a lack there, that didn’t seem truthful and honest to the sport of boxing. And I wanted to kind of put that character there,” Jordan added.

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