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Alappuzha Pallippad native Kuttiyamma maybe 101 years old, but her vivacious spirit would give any youngster a run for their money. Kuttiyamma proudly says that her eyesight and hearing abilities are still amazing. Even at this age, Kuttiyamma isn’t diabetic and often begins her day with a refreshing cup of sweetened tea. Besides, chapathi and sugar for dinner is her favourite combination. She hates sitting idle and makes sure to keep the house and compound always clean. However, the centenarian is upset that her children do not allow her to work in the fields right in front of her house, anymore.

“I lived by working hard in the fields. Even at this age, I wish to plant two tapioca saplings under the coconut tree and enjoy its fruits. I used to work until two years ago. I think I am healthy even at 101, as I get energy from such desires. I do not follow any special diets. It was only recently that I started eating food cooked using urad dal. I really enjoy food cooked using semolina. Besides, I do not eat meat or eggs. I have always Loved rice and fish curry for lunch,” says Kuttiamma who has seen up to four generations of her family members.

Other than mild fever, Kuttiuamma has never fallen ill or complained of any pains. She would enjoy the cool breeze that flows in from the fields, for hours, sitting on her favourite chair in the sit-out. She says she is not bothered by limb pain or back ache while sitting like that.

Her husband Sadasivan had died around forty years ago. Kuttiyamma was devastated when two of her children died of illness. Her eyes still well up when she thinks about her husband and kids. Kuttiyamma has fourteen grandchildren from five children. Leela, Sulochana, Chandran and Nalini and Vishwan who are dead are her children. Kutiyamma currently lives with Chandran.

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