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Mary Kalea Coloma was motivated to sing by her mom at the age of 3; the first song she remembers singing is Above All by Michael W. Smith.

Now a junior Cougar at the Academy of Our Lady Guam, she sings songs ranging from religious hymns to pop music from famous singers like Taylor Swift.

Every Sunday, she sings in the choir at Santa Barbara Church during mass and she is learning to play the violin to take her passion for music to the next level. As a beginner violinist, she draws inspiration from the songs she listens to.

“I loved how the violin in the songs amplified the emotions that are present,” said Coloma.

“Since I love music, I find it hard to find one favorite song because I just love too many. But if I were to choose my favorite song right now, it is “Save Your Tears” by The Weeknd. The reason this song is my favorite is that it puts me in a good mood, makes me dance and is made by my favorite artist,” said Coloma.

Mary Kalea Coloma.

Leadership positions

Apart from her passion for music, she volunteers and takes on leadership positions that contribute to her community.

TODU Guam Foundation is one of the organizations where she volunteers.

“I joined the TODU Guam Foundation because I believe in the mission that they are trying to accomplish, which is to serve the uninsured and underinsured families and children of Guam,” said Coloma.

Coloma is also the current vice president of the soroptimist club and vice president of the class of 2024 at her school.

Joining Vibe

When she received the news of her acceptance to this year’s PDN Vibe cohort, Coloma said she was surprised and ecstatic that she got accepted. She joined the Vibe program to enhance her writing skills, overcome shyness and meet new people.

Coloma looks up to her brother, Ron Rocky Coloma, as her role model. According to her, he accomplished many things in his life at the young age of twenty. He specializes in writing feature profiles for the Pacific Daily News and is an incoming junior junior at Stanford University majoring in Communication. He inspires her to do well in her studies and all the things she does. She hopes to be as successful as him in the future.

The message that Mary Kalea Coloma wants to pass on to incoming high school students is, “take all the opportunities you can. Don’t be scared to try new things.”

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