Maritime Directory not associated with Ceylon Shipping Corporation

Maritime Directory not associated with Ceylon Shipping Corporation


Ceylon Shipping Corporation Ltd (CSC) states that the Sri Lanka Maritime Directory that was launched recently is not associated with the corporation.

Chairman CSC, WS Weeraman said that this directory has been formed with the view to providing information and networking for local, regional and global Customers. “However though I am involved in creating this directory, it does not belong to the Ceylon Shipping Corporation. Also CSC funds were not used to it as well,” he stressed.

“Sri Lanka Maritime Directory” could be identified as a major step for the empowerment of the Sri Lankan economy with maritime entrepreneurship. Business communities who have been used to conventional methods to maintain their services and sell their product in the maritime industry now can make use of this Maritime Directory to broaden their Vistas in their businesses.”

To date Sri Lankan maritime industry could not maintain a proper access point for the world community to meet their merchant shipping requirements.

In order to fill this vacuum an effort is made to bring all that information at this place under user-friendly categorization by which those who need the information on services and products could reach without much difficulty. This mechanism in a way is opening new doors for those who want urgent and easy access for their business requirements.


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