‘Living a Healthy Lifestyle Is My Only Option’

Travis Barker is no stranger to taking care of his body and mind. He’s been eating a vegan diet for 16 years and is committed to a regular workout routine.

That’s why his Barker Wellness company has added a wide-ranging skincare line to its collection of CBD tinctures, balms, gummies and bath products — commemorated with a star-studded launch party in collaboration with Revolve on Tuesday (Sept. 20). The Malibu event had Barker’s celebrity friends like Avril Lavigne and the D’Amelio family as well as his son Landon and wife Kourtney Kardashian in attendance, trying out the new line. “Wellness is about nurturing the health of your whole body – your mental health and physical health,” the Blink-182 rocker tells Billboard after the event. “Being ‘well’ and living a healthy lifestyle is my only option. I couldn’t do what I do without taking care of myself and giving what my body needs to keep going.”

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The new skincare collection aims to “support all aspects of your daily skin routine with all-natural, vegan, fragrance-free, non-comedogenic” products, which include a 2-in-1 face mask and cleanser, eye serum, face serum , renewal balm and Barker’s favorite, the daily moisturizer. “It’s a staple in my routine now. It’s lightweight but extremely hydrating,” he explains to Billboard.

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Barker Wellness Skincare Collection Launch Event with REVOLVE

Of course, self care goes deeper than skin, so the drummer also shared some of his favorite wellness practices that he incorporates into his day-to-day routine. “I really enjoy boxing and training Muay Thai. Playing drums is definitely one of my favorite self care practices too, of course,” he reveals.

The main message Barker wants to send to fans, however, is that self-care is universal and accessible. His advice for those looking to start a wellness routine is simple: “Form a routine that works for you. Find something you enjoy doing and find a way to do it consistently.”

Shop Barker Wellness’ full new line of skincare on Revolve’s website here or at Barker Wellness’ site here.

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