Lindsey Graham’s anti-abortion proposal may be bad political move – Chicago Tribune

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Not a smart move: How stupid is it for Lindsey Graham to suggest a national anti-abortion bill just weeks before the midterm elections, especially now that most of his fellow Republicans are running away from the Roe v. Wade verdict handed down by the Supreme Court. But then nobody ever accused the diminutive senator of ever being both theatrical and smart at the same time.

Hypocritical actions: Pritzker and Lightfoot declared the state and city as “sanctuaries” for illegal immigrants without consulting their citizens. Now they complain when states/cities take them up on their offer? They chastise border states for sending them each a few hundred immigrants without notice and then do the exact same thing to in-state cities that didn’t claim to be a “sanctuary.”

Mean words not fun: It’s amazing. Trump supporters who love Trump’s mean tweets are now mad because Joe Biden’s words hurt.

We need a queen? The British brilliantly separate the head of state, their queen, from the head of government, their prime minister. The United States has the president with both roles. So the British can hide their past, including their unsavory past, under the guise of respect for tradition. The British were one of the leading slave traders, as history acknowledges. Now in the US, our history is just viewed as racist because we have no unifying leader like the United Kingdom.

Flawed argument: Attorney General Kwame Raoul said cash bail doesn’t prevent known gang-bangers and big-time criminals from getting out of jail because they have the cash to do so. But, doesn’t current law prohibit the acceptance of fines, restitution or bail money if it is believed to be from illegal activity? Past behavior is a very good indicator of future behavior.

Tax rebate not fair: The new property tax rebate of up to $300 is of no help to many seniors as it is tied to the property tax credit you qualified for on your 2021 tax return. If you’re a senior whose only income was from Social Security or a pension , you most likely didn’t receive a property tax credit as you did not pay state tax on your retirement income. Therefore, not having qualified for the credit last year makes you ineligible to receive this new so-called rebate to help with the high Illinois property taxes you are paying.

Protecting criminals: This to all the people voted for Gov. Pritzker. How does the SAFE-T Act that he signed into law, which takes effect in January 2023, protect the law-abiding citizen? I don’t think it does. It protects the criminals .Look at it read it and read the fine print.

Guns needed for new law: Democrats don’t want citizens to buy guns, yet their very own no bail for felons policy signed into law in Illinois will surely make it necessary to own a gun when the policy goes into effect. They’re not too bright!

Trump bombshells: The MAGA hero is in deep trouble and though not all of his supporters have already jumped ship, one gets the vibe that another bombshell disclosure out of Mar-a-Lago just might tip the canoe and Mr. Trump too!

Still waiting: Twenty-one years have passed since 9/11 and those responsible for the attack have not been brought to justice. In the meantime, our leaders use our Justice Department to concentrate on another witch hunt of false accusations against Donald Trump.

System’s not fair: All that I ever hear is for the rich to pay their fair share. How about all of the rest doing their fair share? Why should the honest, hardworking taxpayers be saddled with those individuals that are totally irresponsible?

Illinois safer with Bailey: While Democrats run commercials on abortion, there’s a far more serious issue. With this bill Pritzker passed, nobody is going to be in jail. The streets of this city (and) state are not going to be safe. I know you might not like Darren Bailey because of his abortion stand, but at least we would have our state and it would be safer.

Scented hotel rooms: Are there any area hotels that do not pollute the rooms with scented sprays? These sprays are very toxic and those of us with allergies and asthma are made especially ill. Someone in another state sued a big chain hotel for damage to her health from the sprays . What odors are they trying to cover up?

Friendliness gone: It was not too long ago that cars would drive by and I would occasionally get a smile and a wave from my neighbors. Not today. Drivers are on their cellphones. Must be important matters of state that worry them. With the tinted windows every car seems to have, I do not know if the driver is waving hello, giving me the finger or pointing a gun at me.

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