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To the editor — Paraphrasing Justice Alito’s now infamous opinion, “The Constitution does not mention the right to drive.” So, I am puzzled by the YPD’s doublespeak on traffic enforcement.

Compare Chief Murray’s community letter dated Sept. 6 to Capt. Shawn Boyle’s comments to the City Council a few days later.

Chief Murray reported, “As of August 1, 2022, we had 12 traffic fatalities. That is the highest in Yakima history.” Capt. Boyle then told the City Council that Yakima had recorded six traffic fatalities as of Sept. 8.

Chief Murray claimed 60% of the traffic fatalities in 2021 involved impaired drivers. Capt. Boyle reported “about 35.29% of crashes” in 2020-21 involved impaired drivers.

Statistics can educate, confuse, or obfuscate. YPD’s traffic statistics don’t educate.

Chief Murray claims YPD has stopped over 19,000 drivers in the past 12 months. In 2021, he reported they stopped more than 24,000 drivers.

Fewer stops, no ticketing statistics?

The YH-R’s editorial board applauded Sen. Curtis King for proposing automated ticket cameras in highway work zones, saying protecting workers outweighs concerns about privacy.

If that is true for workers, why not the rest of us?

City Council, please help — no, insist — the YPD protect all citizens.



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