Kush League Launches New Lifestyle Cannabis Brand in Illinois

Company will offer unique niche products in the apparel, sports, music, art, and cannabis markets

CHICAGO, Oct. 26, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Kush League(www.kushleagueofficial.com), a minority-owned, Chicago-based company, announced it is preparing to launch its brand in a number of product categories. The start-up company focuses on combining music, art, and cannabis, with a sports-centered, athletic and active lifestyle.

With a theme of individual empowerment, the brand hopes to raise the spirits of its consumers as well as provide inspiration for personal achievement and self-validation.

Company Co-Founder & CEO, Alex Al-Sabahhas been involved in the legalized cannabis industry since 2002 as a cultivator in California. Later, he started a real estate business that took him to Chicago. He was also part of the team that created of one of the largest ancillary businesses in Cannabis, which included a successful IPO in 2015.

“Being immersed in the early stages of legalization helped guide my vision,” Al-Sabah said. “It has always been my dream to combine sports and cannabis, as both played a huge role in my life. Sports kept me out of trouble and provided discipline, as well as a full college education. Cannabis, while heavily stigmatized amongst athletes, has provided me with better benefits than any prescribed medication,” he added. “The Kush League brand represents those positive attributes.”

Al-Sabah feels the timing is right as cannabis use among athletes is becoming more acceptable. Many athletes are living examples of how to blend sports and cannabis into a positive, goal-oriented lifestyle. He cites individuals such as Sha’Carri Richardson, Kevin Durantand Brittney Griner as people who have achieved at the highest level.

“Our goal is to become a market-leading sports-inspired cannabis brand that services a wide range of consumers and active lifestyle enthusiasts.”

The company will be launching a line of cannabis products, including unique strains of flowers and pre-rolls; a variety of healthful edibles; and innovative cannabinoid infused topicals for muscle relief and relaxation; as well as beverages and other products in the future.

Kush League will also be launching a line of apparel, which will include a series of limited-addition and artist-created designs.

The brand will be officially unveiled in Chicago at the KVL International Flower Ball on November 5, 2022.

For more informationor to join the company’s invitation list, visit: kushleagueofficial.com


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