Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA) Announces the Launch of The Greener Data Directory

The Directory Serves as a Resource that Connects Digital Infrastructure Operators and Global Tech Suppliers with the Sustainability Materials and Expertise Needed to Support an Organization’s Sustainability Journey

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Jaymie Scotto & Associates (JSA)the preeminent provider of public relations (PR), digital marketing and event planning services for data center, telecom and network infrastructure companies, announces the launch of The Greener Data Directory at PTC ’23one of the top annual conferences for global communications. The Greener Data Directory is an online rolodex of sustainability-minded companies, including technologists and innovators who serve the digital infrastructure industry, that aims to connect organizations that are dedicated to quickly throughout global operations.

“The first step in reducing our carbon footprint is to clearly identify and collaborate with other invested partners, so we can begin to track our emissions inclusive of scope three levels, as will be required in the years to come,” stated Adam KramerCEO of nZero.

Those listed in the Greener Data Directory have the opportunity to describe their products and services, and showcase sustainability certifications as well as their associations and affiliations with top tier, not-for-profit organizations, such as iMasons, the Green Building Initiative and others.

“Like the many companies who have signed the iMasons Climate Accordwe kick off 2023 with renewed passion and intent to decrease our digital infrastructure’s carbon footprint collectively,” Dean NelsonFounder and Chairman of Infrastructure Masons, explained. “With this new centralized Directory, we can now quickly view, sort and connect with other green-minded companies, to drive more education, connectivity, transparency and partnerships, as we continue to set and achieve our ESG goals together.”

JSA welcomes any ESG-focused company focused on digital infrastructure space to create a free profile. Companies already featured in the Greener Data Directory include those with the following specialties:

  • Cooling & Water Technology
  • Cloud Operators/Tech Companies
  • Data Centers
  • Design & Construction
  • Finance & Investors
  • Industry Organizations
  • Measurement & Reporting Technology
  • Network Operators
  • Power Generation
  • Power Systems, Parts & Support
  • Renewable Energy
  • Sustainability Consultants
  • Sustainability Software

“Our JSA family is committed to connecting the right people, technologies and tools to our industry experts, so that together and acting as committed global citizens and one integrated, cooperative industry, we can proactively decrease our carbon emissions and provide a more sustainable future our children and theirs,” states JSA Founder and CEO Jaymie Scotto Cutaia.

From the launch of the Amazon best-selling book Greener Data on Earth Day 2022 to the ongoing news and resources on GreenerData.net to the sustainability-focused JSA Virtual Roundtable series, there has been a growing participation in the Greener Data Movement. “It was a natural next step in our movement to launch the Greener Data Directory,” noted Scotto Cutaia“to develop a central resource for our community, to foster connections with sustainability experts who can offer their support, expertise and knowledge to help digital infrastructure organizations as they move forward on their sustainability journeys. Together we will get there.”

Find your sustainability partners at www.greenerdata.net/greener-data-directory.

Interested in being featured in the directory? Please find more information here.

To learn more about JSA, visit jsa.net.

About the Greener Data Movement

Data centers and data networks will be responsible for up to 8-10% of global energy consumption by 2030, according to a recent IEA report. Some may read this projection and shrug, consider it a ‘sign of the times’ reflecting our growing reliance on global communications and the corresponding strain on our power resources. However, the Greener Data community sees this as a ‘call to arms’- for the innovators of our digital infrastructure industry to come together, unite, and quickly reduce our environmental impact. If we collaborate, learn, and share best practices, teaching others, including clients and partners along the way, together we can move the needle to deliver a more sustainable future for our children.

With Greener Data, we encourage and foster communication and education within the data center and telecom world, enabling that incremental change that leads to the achievement of bold sustainability goals. With new investments, new technologies and new guidance, companies that participate in this movement engage in continuous improvement can produce “greener” data and solutions. Greener Data resource channels include the Amazon Best-Seller Greener Data book series as well as virtual roundtables, in-person networking events, articles, research reports, white papers and a sustainability partner directory, The Greener Data Directory.

To learn more about Greener Data, visit www.greenerdata.net.

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