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Irina is a renowned Web3 and Digital Assets attorney with offices in Dubai and Switzerland who serves clients all over the world. She enjoys a high level of respect across the globe for her vast experience and in-depth technical understanding of blockchain, smart contracts, and cryptocurrency issues.

She holds the position of Partner at an accredited and governed international law firm.

Irina advises across the value chain in the blockchain space, including multinational companies and protocol developers, issuers of security tokens, DeFi and NFT projects, blockchain infrastructure projects, such as tokenisation platforms, cryptocurrency exchanges and payment providers, in funds3

Irina consulted multiple Governments and Regulators on policies surrounding Emerging Technology and drafted crypto-related laws and regulations.

She has over 17 years of experience in the legal field, having worked as a partner in a law firm, in-house as a regional general counsel, and as a co-founder of a cryptocurrency exchange. She has provided legal advice on more than $500 billion worth of projects and transactions in the oil and gas, mining, construction, maritime, and technology sectors.

Through her extensive network in the Middle East and Europe, Irina’s specialty is in assisting visionary Web3 Entrepreneurs with legally compliant business strategy, launch, capital raise, and growth.

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  • University of Melbourne, Master of Laws (LLM), Energy, Environment, and Natural Resources Law,
  • Monash University, Juris Doctor,
  • Heriot-Watt University, Economics,
  • University of Helsinki, Elements of Artificial Intelligence,

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