In tune with Korean culture & camaraderie- The New Indian Express

In tune with Korean culture & camaraderie- The New Indian Express


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CHENNAI: Musical instruments gaeryang gayageum and janggu enthralled the audience and made emotions dance in the divinity of the music played. The female duo band Duobud with Sora Kim and Jihye Lim, effortlessly transported everyone to a realm of music unknown to the Indian audience. The Korean National Foundation Day celebration on Thursday by The Consulate General of the Republic of Korea at ITC Grand Chola opened a door to the Korean culture. “The best way to understand a culture is through its music and food,” said Young-Seup Kwon, consul general of the Republic of Korea in Chennai.

From expressing the mist in the morning darkness to invoking the untamed beauty of the Korean coastline, the band performed several musical pieces with nature as their central theme. The riveting blend of traditional Korean percussive and melodic instruments with a contemporary twist echoed comfort and healing. T Mano Thangaraj, minister of Information Technology of Tamil Nadu with Venu Srinivasan, goodwill Envoy for Public Diplomacy of the Republic of Korea and Young-Seup felicitated them.

The event also witnessed the celebration of the long standing bilateral relation between India and Korea. Hosting the first Korean Foundation Day since his arrival in Chennai in 2020, Young-Seup shared, “Korea was founded about 4,000 years ago with an idea to promote the Welfare of the whole humankind. During these years, Korea has faced a lot of difficulties, including wars and colonisation. But Korea has overcome all of them and has now become one of the economically and culturally powerful countries in the world. This was because of the help from different countries.”

Chennai being a home to almost 4,000 Koreans welcomes Korean investment with open hands. As Korean dramas, movies, cosmetics, food and fashion have been rapidly gaining popularity even during the pandemic, Young-Seup put forward the need for direct flights from Chennai to promote Quoting Thirukkural Young-Seup stated, “The great will remember throughout their seven-fold births the love of those who have wiped away their affliction and the friends who have helped them in distress. While overcoming the pandemic, I could strongly feel that the Korean community in India is very strong and united. We will always remember the help we have received.”

Concluding the event with a Korean dinner presented by the chefs from Korea in collaboration with chefs from India at ITC Grand Chola, the diplomats and citizens presented toasts for strengthening the bond between the two countries.


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