IG Koome Vows To Address The Rising Issue Of Insecurity

IG Koome Vows To Address The Rising Issue Of Insecurity

By Jane Muia / Published November 11, 2022 | 2:11 pm

Newly sworn-in inspector general of police Japhet Koome has vowed to address the rising cases of insecurity in the country that has led to the loss of lives of innocent Kenyans.

Speaking at the Supreme Court just after his swearing-in, Koome warned robbers and muggers who have recently been terrorizing Kenyans, especially in Nairobi CBD, adding that providing security for Kenyans will be his priority.

“I’d like to tell all those crooks that are disturbing the peace by stealing, stabbing, and shooting people that this will no longer happen under my watch. I will not sleep on the job. Let us all enjoy our existence and live peacefully . To the criminals out there, please bear with me because you will face it. We are not threatening anybody but we are stating things as they are. Everybody should earn a living legitimately and not by harassing and stealing from our citizens,” said Koome .

His sediments come amid rising cases of insecurity in the city with people being mugged, shot, and stabbed in broad daylight. People are no longer walking freely, even in places that were initially considered safe, with the National Police Service being outraged for relaxing in their duties leaving vulnerable Kenyans at the hands of criminals. Most people within the city are attributing the increase in muggings to the high cost of living.

Areas such as Drive-in, Naivas Allsops, Kenya National Archives, Machakos Country Bus, ABC Place Waiyaki Way, Bus station, and Globe Roundabout in Nairobi CBD are now hotspots of crime. Others include River Road, Luthuli Avenue, Fig tree, Pangani , Lucky Summer, Githurai 45, Parts of Kayole Parts of Kibera, and Parts of Mathare among others.

Police statistics show up to five crimes are being reported daily in the past few weeks. Further, it is allegedly reported that Kenyatta National Hospital is recently receiving four to seven patients who have been stabbed.

Acting Inspector General of Police Noor Gabow on Wednesday directed all departments of the Police Service to heighten security as we head to December holidays.

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