Hollywood Myths, Cracked: What Movies And Shows Get Wrong About Weed Culture

Movie Myth: Getting High Makes You A Brainless Couch Potato

Oh, the stereotype of the dim-witted marijuana smoker who slouches around all day in the same clothes he’s been wearing for a year with no agency or motivation to do anything other than getting stoned.

“True Romance” / Warner Bros.

You can practically smell his pits from here.

In truth, this stereotype has way less to do with smoking ganja and way more with being a young 20-something and coasting along while figuring out life and stuff. Seldom do we see this depiction featuring people in their 30s or 40s. In some ways it very much feels like society’s judgemental projection on young people who are not “adulting” enough.

But even young folks who like to hang out during the day smoking weed and playing games or watching Lonely Island music videos aren’t the dumb idiots movies (and so many anti-pot PSAs) make them out to be. They’re not all dropouts who suffer from some lack of intelligence, and not all of them sit around investing all their time in a bunch of lazy, juvenile ventures (like non-pot smokers don’t do that, too).

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