Hillsboro Hops teaching the history of women in sports at free girl’s youth camp

HILLSBORO Ore. (KPTV) – The Hillsboro Hops are doing something new this year! 100 girls gathered at Ron Tonkin Field for the Hops’ first ever free girl’s clinic for kids ages 6 to12.

The theme for the Hops vs. Spokane Indians is ‘Women In Sports’ night, and what better way than to help young girls in town develop their skills? The goal is to encourage the love of the game and inspire girls that they can do anything .

“Part of what we’re doing here today is to see representation with women across sports and how there’s no limits to what they can do,” says Jen Anderson, Hops VP People & Culture.

Also providing inspiration is special guest Ila Borders, a Fire Captain and Paramedic with Cornelius Fire. She is also the first female to pitch in and win a professional baseball game.

“You’re seeing people like the Hillsboro Hops leading the way and the twins did some great things to with getting more women out here showing that things are possible. This is baseball and you’re getting more women out here but you’re also showing that there are endless opportunities,” says Borders.

“It’s super fun but I feel like it should be more competitive because I play competitive softball,” says 11- year old Adelene Stewart. “But they make fun games out of it.”

A lot of the girls say they were excited to be on the field the Hops play on.

“Really fun because I went to their game before just like a couple weeks ago I think and it was really fun and I’m really excited I can see them,” says Kelsey, 11.

Anderson says they hope having people like Borders to teach young girls will inspire them to dream a little bit bigger.

“I want to go to a big college like Oklahoma,” says Stewart.

The Hops say they hope to start having the girls’ camp every year. The hopes will host the Indians through Sunday beginning Wednesday, 7:05 pm.

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