Healthy living: Simple things that will hep reduce exposure to toxins

From the air that we breathe to the food we eat, we are exposed to a number of toxins in our daily lives. Though we can’t fully control this exposurewe can somewhat manage it by making certain lifestyle changes, which include eliminating some things and also introducing many others into our everyday routine.

To help you make these healthy changes, Smitha Shetty, a lifestyle nutritionist, tells us about the toxins we get exposed to daily and also ways to minimise their harmful impact.

Eat local and seasonal

When we eat local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, we accept what nature has endowed upon that particular region and the things that can be grown there without altering the soil profile. This ensures that the nutrition of the foods we consume is intact and it is also devoid of any chemicals and pesticides.

Go natural

From shampoo to perfume, we apply a lot of chemical-laden products to our hair and body. But, they should ideally be replaced with natural ones to reduce toxin exposure. “Apply reetha (soapnut) to hair and besan ubtan on the body. It is easy to identify and minimise the use of products which can be toxic for us,” Smitha told

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For healthy lifestyle minimise gadget usage. (Photo: Freepik)


“Recent studies have proven how spending more time with gadgets elevates stress and eventually, affects immunity. The gadgets’ radiations cause changes in atoms or molecules in the body that can result in tissue damage and even cancer,” she cautioned.


Regular exercise helps flush out toxins from our bodies. “Our daily exposure to toxins is way more than what we think. Exercise has been shown to help increase the body’s circulation of lymph fluid, which helps flush out toxins and bacteria more effectively,” she explained.

sleep on time

According to the nutritionist, sleep changes the cellular structure of the brain that helps in cleansing the toxic molecules.

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