Healthy Eating: Article Collections on Nutrition – Science & research news

Healthy Eating: Article Collections on Nutrition – Science & research news


What is a healthy diet? Is gluten free actually better for you? Are there good fats? Find the answers to your biggest research questions on nutrition with our top article collections about what to put on your plate. With collective views of over 1.2 million, Researchers explored topics spanning from antioxidants and food additives to sustainable diets and the rise of flexitarianism.

Article Collections:

Mediterranean diet

4 articles | 62,000 views

Uncovering the health promoting effects of traditional Mediterranean diets, including lower risk of chronic degenerative diseases, neurodegenerative disorders, and certain types of cancer

Sustainable diets

43 articles | 90,000 views

Examining a diet that is measured by calorie or nutrient content as well as by the quality and environmental footprint of the ingredients used


6 articles | 167,000 views

Exploring the health implications of flexitarianism, referring to an individual who follows a primarily but not strictly vegetarian diet, occasionally eating meat or fish

Fermented foods

19 articles | 190,000 views

Understanding the viability of probiotic bacteria in fermented foods has opened up possibilities of producing new ingredients for nutritionally optimized foods, which can promote consumers’ health through microbial activities in the gut

Dietary antioxidants

6 articles | 41,000 views

Demonstrating the benefits of dietary antioxidants on GI / systemic health and also their molecular tracking (biotransformation) along the GI tract

Vegetarian diet

11 articles | 376,000 views

Focusing on the health benefits of vegetarian dietary patterns and proving that the associated prevention, treatment, and reversal of chronic disease are achievable, economical, powerful, and possible

Food additives

8 articles | 37,000 views

Unveiling how modern food processing and components (ie, additives) modulate host microbiome and health, and to advance our understanding of the molecular underpinnings


16 articles | 131,000 views

Evaluating why an increasing number of people are affected by gluten-related disorders and what solutions exist to create nutrient rich gluten-free foods

Ketogenic diet

5 articles | 11,000 views

Demonstrating the biological evidence to support the implementation of the ketogenic diet in the treatment of specific symptoms or particular diseases

Protein for performance

11 articles | 65,000 views

Presenting novel advances in human metabolic research on the role of dietary proteins for health and performance outcomes across the healthspan and lifespan in divergent populations (ie, athletes, older adults, metabolic disease)

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