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I am grateful for the opportunity to be considered for the Pasadena City Council seat for District 3. This has been an incredible experience thus far and I’m excited to see what the next phase will be both for myself, and more importantly, for the city ​​of Pasadena.

As a lifelong citizen of the city and an almost thirty year resident of the district I have seen Pasadena undergo many changes over the years, some good and some not so good. We have much to be proud of but there still remains much work to do . The issues of Affordable Housing, Rent Control, Homelessness, Police Oversight and a myriad of other concerns must be prioritized and addressed by those who want to see genuine change and continued growth. And that can only happen when we listen to the people who make Pasadena what it is, from one corner of the city (and of the district) to the other, and ensure that everyone is treated fairly and is allowed to enjoy all of the benefits that we have to offer.

I have been characterized as representing “The Old Guard,” which I have taken to mean that I am supported by the more established members of the community who have influenced and guided the affairs of the city over the past years.

And while that may have been meant as a negative trait, I embrace it as a positive one. Having the support of those who might be considered as pillars in our community is something that any wise person would want, and I am thankful for those influential people who have said that they would be proud for me to be on Pasadena’s City Council and to be a voice not only for them but for the good of the whole city.

But I also have the support of some of those who might be deemed as more Progressive, who see things through a different lens and whose approach to issues may differ from my own. My capacity to find consensus between differing positions and to actively listen to those who may never agree with me is a skill that can get things done in ways that those who are more immovable in their positions cannot.

I will bring a fresh perspective into what might be considered an entrenched system of action (or inaction) and provide a fresh set of eyes to help us to see what has not yet been seen so that we can continue to make Pasadena an incredible place to live and to work! I am not one to hide from difficult situations, and in the days ahead there will be difficult decisions that must be made. I welcome the challenge and I will do what’s best for this city, to the best of my ability .

I look forward to the opportunity to serve this city and this district, and no matter what The Council’s final decision is, I will work with whoever they choose for the betterment of everyone!

Thanks again,

Pastor Lucious W. Smith

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