Governor’s political antic at expense of refugees is cruel


Concern over abuse of migrants sent to Mass.

A civil rights lawyer says Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis may have abused the rights of Venezuelan migrants when he flew them to Martha’s Vineyard, including some who did not receive care for visible injuries. (Sept. 16) (AP Video: Rodrique Ngowi)


Enough is enough.

Gov. DeSantis’ latest political antic at the expense of the poor, unsuspecting refugees is unforgivable cruelty for political gain. A refugee from Cuba myself, I have remained silent too long, but my conscience tells me it is time to confront evil.

The presidential ambitions of Gov. DeSantis have given him license to mistreat the vulnerable who come to our shores seeking refuge. These refugees are not seeking to “live off the government.” They are looking to find work and work hard to support their families, just like my father did when he came out of Cuba in his 60s, and after having been a successful businessman, started by cleaning hotel rooms in Miami so he would not have to rely on government programs. Florida would not be as prosperous as it is today without the untold contributions of refugees from Cuba, Nicaragua, Venezuela and other countries.

The refugees sent to Martha’s Vineyard by Gov. DeSantis had not even come to Florida. He “imported” them from Texas as if they were extras in a Hollywood film, merely for political theater. What he is doing is a complete contradiction of the Gospel mandate, “When I was hungry you gave me to eat, when I was thirsty you gave me to drink, a stranger and you welcomed me,” and “… as long as you did it to one of these, the least of my little ones, you did it to me.” Jesus assures us that on that, we will be judged.

So, Governor, please don’t insult us by proclaiming you are pro-life, because you are not. Being pro-life requires being respectful and supportive of all human life, not just of life in the womb, not just of those who will vote for us, not just of those who look like us, but of all human beings, for all are our brothers and sisters.

I don’t support open borders. I believe Democrats and Republicans need to work together to pass sensible, humane immigration reform, but until they do, we need to afford those who seek refuge in our country the dignity of human beings.

Sister Lucy Vazquez, OP, is a Satellite Beach resident who left Cuba when she was 16.

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