Government urged to preserve cultural, traditional heritage

In order to protect the identity of every ethnicity across the country, particularly the Yoruba race, the Aare-Onibon Balogun of Ibadan land, Chief Adegboyega Taofeek Adegoke has admonished governments at all levels on the promotion and preservation of cultural and traditional heritage across the divides , especially southwestern states.

He gave the charge on Sunday while speaking with journalists at Obafemi Awolowo Stadium during the celebration of his family lineage day, “Abose Day”.

Adegoke is the Mogaji of Abose family in the Gege area of ​​Ibadan before his promotion into Olubadan traditional lineage, presently as Aare-Onibon in the Balogun line.

Adegoke, who is the founder and Chairman of Solutions 93.9FM, Ibadan, noted that culture and tradition are about people and people are about the culture and tradition, which are the identity of a race.

He maintained that government at all levels must provide an enabling environment for the promotion, protection and preservation of cultural and traditional heritage and value by traditional leaders and their subjects so that the hard earn culture and tradition will not go into extinction.

Chief Adegoke, a hotelier, real estate guru and oil & gas expert said he would do everything at his disposal to protect and preserve the culture and tradition of his family lineage, and he also called on other family heads to tow the same line, thus , calling on governments to make it possible by providing enabling environment in pursuing this agenda.

Aare-Onibon Balogun, who noted that language, dressing and morals are part of cultural and traditional identification, expressed worries over the way the young ones are jettisoning their mother tongue, attire and fashion to western imperialism, thus gradually losing their identity.

According to him, Yoruba culture, tradition and heritage must be accepted, celebrated, and preserved. We must showcase our cultural attires, language and everything that identifies us as Yoruba.

“This can help significantly in developing the economy, and promoting our values ​​globally, which can also be leveraged to empower the youth.

The Abose Day is an annual event to showcase my family lineage as well as promote and preserve the lineage culture and tradition if we continue doing this every year, there is no way, every son and daughter of Abose will not know the culture and tradition of their lineage.

“I am imploring other traditional leaders in Ibadan, Yoruba race and across other ethnic nationalities to tow the same line in order not to allow their culture and tradition to go into extinction.

“That is why we are calling on government at all levels to pay more attention to culture and tradition, in relation to tourism, which is even the sole revenue generation in some countries.”


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