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Global Company Culture Month happens in September every year. The entire month of September is dedicated to creating a global dialogue about how we can make the world of work better through culture building. Thriving company culture is not something that happens overnight. This month of awareness was created to help companies celebrate great company cultures and explore how to improve broken company cultures to build something great for everyone in and around the organization. Some of the steps taken include making sure employees are happy, engaged, and feel connected, as well as making sure that there’s an opportunity for them to bring their unique skillsets and personalities into work activities

History of Global Company Culture Month

Global Company Culture Month is an annual worldwide celebration that brings individuals who work for companies together. The month-long event was first established in 2019 by Global Company Culture Association and aimed to support and promote a more inclusive workplace culture.

The idea for Global Company Culture Month came about after an employee survey conducted by Global Company Culture Association revealed that many employees were struggling to balance their work lives with their personal lives. The survey also showed that some employees felt isolated and misunderstood by their managers. Global Company Culture Association created a new initiative called “Global Company Culture Month.” This event encourages businesses worldwide to focus on creating a better work environment for everyone involved.

It promotes teamwork and collaboration among departments, divisions, or teams within the company. It helps build camaraderie among people who may not have had much interaction before but now do because they are working together on activities related to culture month. The survey also found that employees are more engaged in companies with positive workplace cultures, where they feel supported and empowered to do their best work. It is important to focus on improving employee engagement, satisfaction, and happiness to achieve this. This will lead to increased productivity and improved results from all employees involved. As a result, companies are putting in place new initiatives to improve workplace culture.

Global Company Culture Month timeline


The Word ‘Company’ is First Used

The word ‘company’ makes its first appearance, meaning “a business association.”


The Book on Company Culture

Elliott Jaques first brings out the aspect of culture in an organization in his book titled ‘The Changing Culture of a Factory.’


The Company Culture is Developed

Corporate culture develops during this period. It refers to the way work is done and how employees interact with one another within a company.


The Month-Long Event is Established

Global Company Culture Association establishes the month-long event.

Global Company Culture Month FAQs

How do you define company culture?

Your company’s culture is how you do things in the workplace, whether formally or informally. It comprises your systems and processes, behaviors and values, and what you do to deliver a good experience for your employees and customers.

How is company culture created?

It is created using factors such as looking at the founders’ values and preferences; the industry demands and then hiring people who will align themselves to these factors.

How is company culture evolving?

In modern times, the focus is more on social collaboration among staff members and keeping up with technology trends.

Global Company Culture Month Activities

  1. Hold a contest

    Create a “culture hero” award and ask employees to nominate someone they think is an example of great company culture. Then hold a vote and announce the winner at lunch or during a company meeting.

  2. Create a video

    An entertaining video can be a great way to boost morale. Use it as part of your next company meeting, or send it out via email to show employees how much you value them.

  3. Host a potluck lunch

    Ask each employee to bring one dish from home. Get everyone to spread out blankets in the park or on the beach for everyone to sit on while they eat together.

5 Things About Company Culture

  1. Great culture means more productivity

    Employees who report having fun at work are more productive than those who do not.

  2. Culture is constantly evolving

    Company culture isn”t static; it changes over time based on events that affect your business and the people who work there – both good and bad things.

  3. Culture is intangible

    You can’t touch or see it, but it significantly affects the business.

  4. Great company culture attracts top talent

    Good company culture can help you attract top talent from across industries and keep them engaged and happy once they’re on board.

  5. Company culture has many components

    The way people interact with each other, the values they share, and their behavior all play an essential role in shaping an organization’s culture.

Why We Love Global Company Culture Month

  1. It promotes good cultural behavior

    Use it as an opportunity to promote cultural sensitivity training for your staff. The key to having a solid corporate culture is ensuring everyone understands what it means.

  2. Time for employees to share

    Give employees a platform to share their stories about their experiences with company culture. This can help others learn from each other and share valuable insights into how they too can strengthen their own cultures.

  3. Opportunity to reward employees

    It’s an opportunity to reward employees who are doing an exceptional job. Be sure to recognize them for promoting cultural awareness and inclusion within their teams or departments.

Global Company Culture Month dates

2022September 1Thursday
2023September 1Friday
2024September 1Sunday
2025September 1Monday
2026September 1Tuesday

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