‘Give it a shot, you won’t regret it’: Rida Tharana

‘Give it a shot, you won’t regret it’: Rida Tharana


Rida Tharana, a young girl, was sitting with her friends in school trying to make their signatures. When she wrote her name as her sign, her friends told her it would be easy enough for her kids to copy. “Are we thinking of kids ?” was her reaction as she made that sign thinking that when she will be giving her first autograph, she would want the person to know her name; that is how her story started.

The 23-year-old dreamer from Coorg hustled and fought with her parents to go to Bengaluru for her higher studies. She took a loan but since her parents could not pay it back she started working as an emcee. She failed at multiple events but did not give up and repaid her loan.

She then joined corporate as the pandemic hit and was not happy with her job. It is then that she realised, “Society has already found a sustainable job for you where you’re able to also help your family and your friends, but what about your dreams?” She did not give up on her dreams, instead, she followed them passionately till she manifested them in reality.

In the same vein, she added, “I would want to just make sure that you believe in yourself. When you think you can’t do this or you’re just not good at it, you need to believe in yourself the most in such moments.”

She further explained that “the way you look at yourself is the way the world will look at you and you can’t change people’s opinions”.

Encouraging youngsters, she said, “This is the time for you to experiment so go on!”

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