Futurepedia: The ultimate AI tools directory | by Audio Wanderlust | Jan, 2023

Image generators, copywriters, audio editors: this website lists them all.

The Futurepedia interface

Using Futurepedia

Futurepedia presents itself as “The largest library of tools based on artificial intelligence, updated daily”. The platform consists of a very clean and pleasant interface that provides options to search for AI-tools, and to filter them by specific categories. Most of the AI tools listed have a free membership or trial option, and Futurepedia highlights which tools are completely free and which are ‘Freemium’ or ‘Paid’.

An example of some of the most popular free AI tools

AI tools examples

Some of the most popular AI-powered tools currently listed on Futurepedia may ring a bell. They include Midjourney, ChatGPT, Riffusion, Lensaand Runway ML.


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