Dublin Ranked Among Top 10 Best European Cities For Foodies

Dublin Ranked Among Top 10 Best European Cities For Foodies


New research has ranked Dublin among the top ten best European capital cities for foodies.


The research has revealed that Valletta is the best European capital for foods.

The study, conducted by casino review site Bonusetu, gathered data for all 44 European capital cities to create its foodie index score. This score took into account the total number of standard and Michelin Guide restaurants per square mile, the affordability of a three-course meal for two, the number of different cuisines on offer, and the percentage of restaurants that offer a vegan option in each city.

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Valletta ranks as the best European capital city for foods, with a foodie index score of 78.36 out of 100.

Paris ranks second on this list, with a foodie index score of 71.65 out of 100.

The Greek capital, Athens, ranks third on the list, with a foodie index score of 64.25 out of 100.

The fourth most foodie-friendly European capital is Brussels, with a foodie index score of 61.21 out of 100.

Lisbon ranks fifth on the list, with a foodie index score of 60.89 out of 100.

London ranks sixth, with a foodie index score of 58.74 out of 100.

Seventh on the list is Amsterdam, ranking right behind London, with a foodie index score of 58.14 out of 100.

The Spanish capital of Madrid ranks eighth, with a foodie index score of 57.26 out of 100.

Monaco is the ninth-best European capital city for foodies, with a foodie index score of 55.93 out of 100.

Tenth on the list is Dublin, with a foodie index score of 54.99 out of 100. According to the study, the Irish capital has an average of 51.47 restaurants per square mile, 22.03% of which offer vegan options, 0.79 Michelin stars per square mile , 148 types of cuisine on offer, and foodies visiting Dublin can expect to spend an average of €80 for a three-course meal for two people.

The list of the 20 best European capital cities for foodies is as follows:

RankCapitalCountryTotal Michelin Guide RestaurantsNumber of Michelin Guide Restaurants/Sq MileNumber of RestaurantsNumber of Restaurants/Sq Mile% of restaurants with vegan optionsNumber of different cuisines on offerAverage price of a 3-course-meal for two (€)Foodie Index Score / 100
1.VallettaMalta1041.67 254 1,058.3331.101437578.36
2.ParisFrance44911.03 15,709 385.979.441986071.65
3.AthensGreece271.80 2,596 172.6119.031505064.25
4.BrusselsBelgium382.97 3,458 270.589.891557061.21
5.LisbonPortugal411.06 4,922 127.4111.991645060.89
6.LondonUnited Kingdom3730.61 17,980 29.6221.8020478.0558.74
7.AmsterdamNetherlands710.84 3,996 47.1920.0517367.558.14
8.MadridSpain1310.56 10,504 45.0211.001805057.26
9.MonacoMonaco1316.67 286 366.6714.696110055.93
10.DublinIreland360.79 2,342 51.4722.031488054.99
11.berlinGermany720.21 6,346 18.4417.351856052.79
12.StockholmSweden360.49 3,161 43.3012.7216570.1552.66
13.PragueCzechia270.14 5,574 29.037.791694251.89
14.BudapestHungarytwenty one0.10 3,175 15.6614.4916541.1551.33
15.ViennaAustria190.12 4,297 26.8314.571836051.26
16.RomeItaly680.14 9,902 19.9519.671757050.36
17.CopenhagenDenmark620.88 2,358 33.3412.21158107.3249.74
18.LuxembourgLuxembourgtwenty two1.11 683 34.3714.351238049.13
19.BelgradeSerbia170.12 1,754 12.6210.2613234.0348.73
20.WarsawPoland130.07 3,293 16.497.8315638.147.95

Statement By Spokesperson

Commenting on the data, a spokesperson from Bonusetu said, “Food and travel often go hand in hand, and many tourists will factor in a city’s reputation for cuisine when organizing their travel plans. For those looking to tick some capital cities off their bucket list , Valletta offers a large range of restaurants within walking distance of one another, and some hidden gems if you know where to look.

“Valletta not only scored highest overall, but also ranked as the best European capital for vegans, with nearly one third of its restaurants offering plant-based options. Despite veganism becoming a rapidly growing lifestyle choice for many, it is often overlooked by the fooie community when considering the best cuisine hot-spots.”


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