Do Alberta industries reflect lifestyle?

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Councillor Don Good is concerned for municipal sustainability and hopes to begin conversations on how the current tax structure can negatively affect Alberta residents’ economic well being.

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In July, he gave a presentation at a town council meeting, titled the “Provincial and Regional Assessment Analysis”.

Good says the organisation of Alberta’s areas doesn’t necessarily match up to how economic wealth is distributed. History and happenstance can point to reasons as to why the province’s economic profile has changed over the years.

We need to have good representation, he says. Different industries should reflect different lifestyles.

We’ve gotten used to structure, and view it as sacred. “I’m not sure that’s working well for us. I really just want the discussion.”

“The world changes and unfortunately, governments sometimes are not constantly re-examining.”

Problems can occur when one bases their financial decisions on what they believe agriculture goes towards in the provincial GDP, he adds. Agriculture is a large industry, but in regards to proportionality, it’s quite small: equalling 2.2 percent of the GDP in 2021.

“Alberta is the third most urban province in Canada. That’s a shocking statement because of our vision of Alberta.”

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