Debate over professionalism puts the spotlight on hustle culture vs burnout

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  • 40% of India Inc is burnt out, distressed: Study
  • Millennialsm, Gen Z struggling with jobs, financial security amid lack of opportunities
  • Netizens slam ’18 hour-a-day model says it promotes slavery for cos profits

While social media, of late, has been abuzz with company founders and employers weighing in over the 18-hour-workday debate. Recently, a screengrab shared by Ease My Trip co-founder Prashant Pitti has sparked another fresh debate. Pitti took to Twitter to share a screen grab from what seems like a WhatsApp conversation, wherein a candidate informs him that they have decided to not take up the position but does so on the day of their joining.

Pitti commented that the phenomenon is becoming very common and that 25-40% of the hired candidates decide to drop out at the very last minute. And while it is a matter of choice the issue is being falsely equated to hiring and firing.

“Someone pls solve this hiring issue. This is hugely prevalent & ends up wasting so much time & resources. Once a candidate accepts offer letter, companies wait for months & reject all other potential candidates, but the candidate decides on the very last day, that they won’t be joining”

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BharatPe’s former CEO Ashneer Grover chose to dive into the debate when he tweeted–“In India, there is no value of the contract – neither would you go after someone nor would they, as the legal system is broken and expensive. So, in India it’s – “ek haath le doosre haath de“. Best to tone down your expectation that you employ daily wagers in the guise of salaried folk.
So, while there will always be two sides to the story the romanticising of “hustle culture” on one hand and the fact that more and more people are now complaining of being burnt out. How does one recognise if they are burnt out?

If you feel like your energy levels have dropped, making you feel hopeless, cynical & resentful those are some of the early signs one should pick up on. In the long run, it will keep you away from being productive and that is a no- no for both employees and employers.


-Communicate with your supervisor & discuss a more manageable workload

-Prioritize getting enough sleep

-Try a relaxing activity such as yoga, meditation, or tai chi

-Practise mindfulness to identify when you’re feeling overwhelmed

-Get support from trusted co-workers, friends & family

-Get at least 20 minutes of daily exercise

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