Christine Brown Is a Hypocrite, Too

Christine Brown is a strong, independent, and thoughtful person. That much she’s shown over the last decade on Sister Wives. She became a star the moment she opted to leave her troubled marriage behind, and fans of the series are largely hailing her as a hero for having the guts to forge her own path. That decision absolutely should be celebrated. No one person is 100 % right and 100% wrong, though. While Christine’s decision was certainly brave, the more she talks about her life and her past unhappiness, the more the mother of six looks a bit hypocritical, albeit not to the same level as her ex-husband .

‘Sister Wives’ fans have taken sides in the divorce

Fans rejoiced when Christine announced her separation from Kody Brown ahead of season 16 of Sister Wives. They had been waiting for one of Kody’s wives to get sick of it all and leave him. Christine wasn’t the wife they thought would be the first to go, but everyone largely jumped to her defense. Kody doesn’t seem to have a ton of fans, and there are surprisingly few Sister Wives viewers who have taken his “side” in this divorce.

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