Longshot Media and LouthNow.ie are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and reporting proactively and responsibly on the issue of the global climate crisis, helping to spark a local conversation on a worldwide problem.

As you will see in our weather outlook every weekday morning in The Briefing, we now include carbon count information. This figure represents the proportion of carbon dioxide molecules in the atmosphere. 

The amount of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere at any given time is a very crucial measure. We know you want to know what the weather is every day – but stop for a moment and wonder why it is.

Our carbon count information as seen in The Briefing will feature that days CO2 count as well as comparative figures dating back months and years. 

The earth’s atmosphere is now one degree Celsius hotter than in pre-industrial times. At its current rate, the atmosphere will could rise by half a degree by 2030, at a worse case scenario and 2052 the best case. 

Our editorial ambitions when it comes to the environment do not end there. 

LouthNow.ie’s reporting will place a substantial focus on environmental issues at county council and national government level, writing about initiatives, success stories and failings by those in positions of responsibility and authority. 

We are also committed to shining a light on the local groups, volunteers, activists, schools and businesses who are doing great work in the name of the environment both locally and globally. 

It is a necessity that local communities can access nuanced, locally focused reporting on the environment around them and now it affects their day-to-day life. We know local audiences are increasingly hungry for coverage that connects global climate trends to what’s happening in their community.

In our office, we have placed a huge emphasis on cutting out single use plastics, recycling, reducing our use of consumables such as paper and being more energy efficient, including looking at our use of lighting and electronic devices. 

We also make use of public transport wherever possible. We will be showing our readers some of the measures we have taken to play our part over time so keep an eye out. 

It is difficult to do justice to the enormity of the climate crisis. The planet is in jeopardy and that is not merely the news today, one piece of a news cycle. It’s every day. It affects everyone. 

We will be highlighting our efforts to reduce our carbon footprint and to report responsibly on this issue on LouthNow.ie and on social media using the hashtag #ChangeNow.